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Captain's Log:
Stardate 8130.3.
Starship Enterprise
on training mission
to Gamma Hydra,
Section 14,
coordinates 22-87-4.
Approaching neutral zone.
All systems normal
and functioning.
Leaving Section 14
for Section 15.
Stand by.
Project parabolic course
to avoid entering neutral zone.
Aye, Captain.
Course change projected.
I'm getting something
on the distress channel.
On speakers.
This is Kobayashi Maru.
We've struck a gravitic mine
and have lost power.
Our hull is penetrated
and we have sustained...
This is the starship
Your message
is breaking up.
Can you give us your
Our position is Gamma Hydra,
Section 10.
In the neutral zone.
Hull penetrated.
Life support
systems failing.
Can you assist us,
Data on Kobayashi Maru.
Vessel is third-class
neutronic fuel carrier,
crew of 81,300 passengers.
Mr. Sulu,
plot an intercept course.
May I remind you that if the starship
enters the zone...
I'm aware of my responsibilities,
Estimating two minutes
to intercept.
Now entering
the neutral zone.
We have entered neutral zone.
We are now in violation
of treaty, Captain.
Stand by,
transporter room,
ready to beam
survivors aboard.
I've lost their signal.
Alert. Three Klingon cruisers
bearing 3-1-6 mark 4,
closing fast.
Battle stations.
Activate shields.
Shields activated.
Tell them we're
on a rescue mission.
They're jamming
the frequencies.
Klingons on attack course
and closing.
We're over our heads.
Mr. Sulu,
get us out of here.
I'll try, Captain.
Alert. Klingon torpedoes
activated. Alert.
Evasive action.
Engineering, damage report.
Main energizer hit,
Engage auxiliary power.
Prepare to return fire.
Shields collapsing,
Fire all phasers.
No power
to the weapons, Captain.
Captain, it's no use.
We're dead in space.
Activate escape pods.
Send out the log buoy.
All hands abandon ship.
All right, open it up.
Any suggestions, Admiral?
Prayer, Mr. Saavik.
The Klingons
don't take prisoners.
Blowers on.
to the briefing room.
Maintenance Crew,
report to bridge simulator.
Maintenance Crew,
report to bridge simulator.
Physician, heal thyself.
Is that all?
What about my performance?
I'm not
a drama critic.
Staying with
a sinking ship?
to speak candidly, sir.
This was not a fair test
of my abilities.
Why not?
Because there was
no way to win.
A no-win situation
is always possible.
Has that never
occurred to you?
No, sir, it has not.
Dealing with death
is at least as important
as dealing with life.
That thought had not
occurred to me.
Now you have something new
to think about.
Carry on.
Engineering Cadets,
assemble on C Level.
Admiral, why not put
an experienced crew on the ship?
Galloping around the cosmos
is a game for the young.
Now, what does that mean?
Aren't you dead?
I assume you're
loitering around here
to learn what efficiency rating
I plan to give your cadets.
I am understandably curious.
They destroyed
the simulator room
and you with it.
The Kobayashi Maru
frequently wreaks havoc with students
and equipment.
You took the test
three times yourself.
Your final solution
was unique.
That was its virtue.
Oh, by the way,
thank you for this.
I know of your fondness
for antiques.
"It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times."
Message, Spock?
None that I know.
Except, of course, happy birthday.
Surely the best of times.
Captain Spock,
space shuttle leaving
in 15 minutes.
Where are you off to?
The Enterprise,
to check in before your inspection.
And you?
Bless me, Doctor,
what beams you
into this neck
of the woods?
Beware Romulans
bearing gifts.
Happy birthday, Jim.
Romulan ale.
Why, Bones,
this is illegal.
I only use it
for medicinal purposes.
I got aboard a ship

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