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as Philip Lombard
as Vera Claythorne
as Emily Brent
as Doctor Armstrong
Vladimir ZELDIN
as Judge Lawrence Wargrave
as General Macarthur
as William Blore
Alexander ABDULOV
as Anthony Marston
Good day, gentelmen.
Youre for Indian Island, maybe?
Take me with you.
as Ethel Rogers
as Thomas Rogers
Based on the novel
by Agatha Christie
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Nikolai KORNDORF
English subtitles by
Boris BULGAKOV and Zora K.
Must be difficult
to land here in dirty weather.
Cant land on Island when
theres a southeasterly.
Sometimes this cut off
for a week or more.
My name is Lombard, Philip Lombard.
You may call me Captain Lombard.
- Vera Claythorne. - Do you know
this part of the world well?
No, never before. I havent ever
seen my employer yet.
- Your employer?
- Yes, Im Mrs. Owens secretary.
- Isnt that rather unusual?
- Oh, no. I dont think so.
Her own secretary
was suddenly taken ill
and she wired to an agency
for substitute
and they sent me.
- And suppose you dont like it?
- So what?
Its only temporary -
a holiday post.
Ive got a permanent job
at a girls' school.
At a matter of fact frightfully thrilled
at the prospect of seeing
Indian Island. Theres been such
a lot about it in the papers.
At first, they were saying that some
kind of American movie star bought it.
After that - millionaire Owen.
What are they like?
Tell me, please.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Mr. Owen unfortunately
delayed unable
to get here till tomorrow.
- Good start.
Instruction - everything
they wanted -
if they would like to go
to their rooms?
- Dinner would be at 8 oclock.
- Its late.
The house with insects.
Its true.
- Its impossible, Miss Brent.
- Everybody says that
and then nothing
can be done.
Let me help you.
Sorry sir, your room upstairs.
This way, please.
I hope youve got
everything you want, Miss?
Im Mrs. Owens new secretary.
I expect you know that.
No, Miss. I dont know anything.
Just a list of the ladies
and gentlemen
and what rooms
they were to have.
Mrs. Owen didnt mention me?
I havent seen Mrs. Owen not yet.
We only came 2 days ago.
May I go?
Ten little Indian boys went out to dine...
Ten little Indian boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self
and then  there were nine.
Nine little Indian boys sat up very late;
...sat up very late;
One overslept himself
and then there were eight.
Eight little Indian boys
travelling in Devon;
One said he'd stay there
and then there were seven.
10 minutes ago I regretted
that I came here.
- Quaint these things, arent they?
- Yes, they are.
- How many are there?
- Ten there are.
One, two, three
Possibly they are in order.
This one is a chief.
Theyre 10 little Indian boys
of the nursery rhyme.
In my bedroom the rhyme
is hung up over mantelpiece.
- In mine.
- In mine too.
- In mine.
- In my room too.
I think the owner must be going
through his second childhood.
Doctor, dyou know
Constance Culmington?
Im afraid, I dont.
Its of no consequence.
Very vague woman -
and practically
unreadable handwriting.
I was just wondering if Id come
to the wrong place.
I had the same thought.
Mrs. Oliver has been lucky
to get this servant.
Oliver? Did you say Oliver?
- Yes.
- Mrs. Owen.
- Ive never met any one called Owen.
- Ladies and gentlemen!
Silence, please!
You are charged
with the following indictments.
Doctor Armstrong,
that you did upon
the 14th day of March, '29,
cause the death of Mary Clees.
Emily Brent, that upon
the 5th of November, '31,
you were responsible for the death
of Beatrice Taylor.
William Blore, that you brought
about the

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