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ENDAndrei Rublev
(The Passion According to Andrei)
Scenario: Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky
and Andrei Tarkovsky
Direction: Andrei Tarkovsky
Photography: Vadim Yusov
Art Direction: E. Chernyaev,
E. Novoderezhkin, S. Voronkov
Music: Viacheslav Ovchinnikov
Assistant Director: I. Petrov
Sound: I. Zelentsova
Editing: L. Feignova, Makeup: V. Rudina
Costumes: L. Novi, M. Baronovska
Intern Director: B. Oganesyan, Second
Assistant Directors: A. Macheret,
M. Volovich, A. Nikolaev
Camera Operator: V. Sevostyanov
Assistant Camera: A. Andrianov,
R. Ruvinov, P. Sudilin
Sets: E. Korablev
Special Effects:
V. Sevostyanov, P. Safonov
Historical Advisers: V. Pashuto,
S. Yamshchikov and M. Mertsalova
State Film Orchestra and
All-Union Radio Chorus
Conducted by Viachesalov Ovchinnikov
Producer: T. Ogorodnikova
Andrei Rublev: Anatoly Solonitsin,
Kirill: lvan Lapikov,
Danil Chorny: Nikolai Grinko
Theophanes the Greek: Nikolai Sergeyev
Durochka " Idiot Girl": Irma Raush
Boriska: Nikolai Burlyaev,
The Grand Prince,
and his brother: Yuri Nazarov
Supporting Cast
The Passion According to Andrei
Part One
- Pull the rope.
- This one?
- Arkhip, give me the strap.
- Hold it.
Take it.
It's Yefim, isn't it?
- Come here and help.
- Pull the rope.
- Hold on a second.
- Come on, quick!
Where is it?
- Where is it?
- Here.
Come on, fast.
Lift it.
Lord. Let it go right.
Untie it now.
The rope is tangled.
Hold it!
We won't have enough time.
I'm ready!
Archipushka! You try to hold them!
Just a second.
Come on!
Hold him, hold him!
I'm here. I'm here.
Cut the rope, man!
Cut the rope!
I'll show you, cut the rope!
My God!
- Where are you going?
- Archipushka!
I'm flying! I'm flying!
Hey! Chase me! Chase me!
My God! What is it?
Summer 1 400
Danil! The Father
told you to go back!
There is no one to paint the icons.
For God's sake!
It's no business of yours.
You will be sorry for that. You
will come begging on your knees.
But the Father will not forgive you.
Come on. You never know.
We shall see.
It's not good.
That we are leaving Troitsa.
It's a shame.
Aren't there enough painters
in Moscow without us, Danil?
We'll find some sort of work.
All this is right, but it's a pity that...
I passed this birch every
day and never noticed it.
When you know you'll never
see it again, it means something.
It's been ten years. Nine
for you, but ten for me.
No, seven for me, nine for you.
- It's raining.
- Come on here.
Let's go. We will not melt.
The jesters were walking.
Drunk on mead and beer...
...when they met their
master, the Boyar...
...and they sang, to greet him:
O master. O Boyar...
...everything is ready in the kitchen!
The Boyar's plump
wife is a choosy trollop.
Mistress, open the door.
The master's coming!
The Boyar yells: "Jesters are
all thieves and drunkards!
"You should be whipped
from Friday to Friday!"
"You goats and tramps,
drown in your beer!
"Soon you will be impaled!"
The Jesters grabbed him
between his navel and his knees.
They shaved his beard; what's
a Boyar without his beard?
Any woman would
rather he had a beard.
The Boyar yells,
hops about like a flea.
He scurries home,
raps on the window.
But his wife doesn't
recognize his naked cheeks...
...with no beard to grab hold of.
She whacked him with a rolling pin.
What a disgrace!
"Cover your naked cheeks
with your breeches.
"Clear off, beardless Boyar!"
He hobbled off, pursued by geese...
...and met a priest...
...who mistook him for a woman and
dragged him into the bushes.
Without breeches...
...he looks the same at each end.
The woman saw a naked head...
...and grabbed it by the beard.
May we shelter from the storm?
Come in.
Do you want some beer?
You are soaking wet.
Thank you, we don't imbibe.
And don't play around with women.
God sent priests, but
the devil sent jesters.
The woman saw a head!


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