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Страна глухих

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AIGUIGorky Film Studios
Russian State
Cinematography Committee
with the participation of
The Racoon Film Group
Grazhdane Kinofabrika
in a Valery TODOROVSKY film
They're gonna kill me.
Let them try.
I'd say: "Leave my Alyosha be."
I'd cover you like this
and the bullets'd hit me.
Can't you see what kind of
people they are?
You smoke too much.
The right time to think
about health.
Money, money...
I got to get it.
I'll talk to them,
they'll understand.
Aren't you scared at all?
I'm not.
I bet we'll split our sides
recalling how we
feared going out.
Written by Yuri KOROTKOV
Based on Renata LITVINOVA's
story "To Have and Belong"
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Alexei AIGUI
Directed by Valery TODOROVSKY
Produced by Sergei LIVNEV
You got friends
while you're okay.
Whenever you're in the lurch
they leave you in a void.
Still you've got the money.
I mean I borrowed it.
I tried to reach you
on the phone.
Your line was either
engaged or dead.
So I went out.
Very stupid of me.
I'd have left it at home.
I was mugged at
the entrance hall.
Two hoods punched
me and took all.
Money, passport...
Take it easy.
Don't I deserve human
treatment you think?
No human treatment for you.
Let me explain. I've found
a buyer for my apartment.
Let's go see him.
I promised to come alone.
He'll smell a rat and cop out.
I've waited two months,
I can wait two hours.
The girl stays with us.
That is if you don't mind.
She's not involved.
Maybe not. But you'll be
back soon, won't you.
Sure. I'll be right back.
Look, Alyosha has no
money at the moment
but he'll pay you back.
I know he will.
Wait here.
This is not a brothel, honey.
I've been told not to
ever deal with you.
But no. I tried to help
the poor gal and here you are.
Now grab your
toys and get lost.
And never set
foot here anymore.
Excuse me, where's
the exit here?
What's that stare for?
I was wondering
where the exit is.
You're in danger?
The danger's from men.
I hate men!
Thank you. You've helped me out.
Too bad. Lots of paint.
Left it all down there.
Hold it.
You're pretty, you
look like an actress.
Oh! That's something!
Men must be crazy about you.
Crying, begging
favors on their knees.
And you stand like a rock,
proud and forbidding.
No, not really.
One guy came... looked at me.
Handsome and rich.
Expensive coat, car...
Said: "I love you. I'll
give you all I have."
I said no.
I was, like,
forbidding and proud.
He cried and entreated.
He killed himself.
Oh no!
- You saw anybody?
- Nope.
Stabbed himself.
Are you deaf and mute?
I'm mute.
Look, I'm Rita. And you?
Why ask? I'm mute.
I can't answer.
I'm sorry.
I was scared stiff.
Can you hear me speak?
I'm not mute, I'm deaf.
85% deaf.
I can hear at
times but not like you.
Sounds like the sea.
Must be nice to
always hear the sea.
I'd rather listen to the
door banging for a change.
I'm bored with the sea.
An unusual name, Yaya.
Isn't it? My own idea.
Said easily.
The dorm.
Turned me out.
My shoes.
You pinched them.
Of course not.
You did.
There's no one but you here.
Give'em back.
Not bad. You're a whore.
Let's go.
You're gonna sweat at
a factory all your life.
And I'll be happy and rich.
Who's prettier me or she?
You of course.
Let's go to the sculpteur's.
Good pad.
She'll be wearing my shoes now.
Let her.
They'll hurt her.
She has the man's feet.
I lied to you.
I'm totally deaf
and she's half-deaf.
Not a soul knows this place.
Swear you won't tell anybody.
What do you say?
It's okay.
I stood like this 5 days on end.
Stripped to the skin.
The sculpteur never got near me.
He's nuts really.
All he thinks of is work.
Dressed like a bum.
He's off at the monastery.
Gave me the key.
Said: "Come
Страна глухих

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