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Железный человек

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I feel like you're driving me to
court martial. This is crazy.
What did I do? I feel like you're
gonna pull over and snuff me.
What, you're not allowed to talk?
Hey, Forest...
- We can talk, sir.
- Oh, I see. So it's personal?
No, you intimidate them.
Dear God, you're a woman!
I honestly, I couldn't have called that.
I mean, I would apologize, but isn't
that what we're going for here?
I thought of you as a soldier first.
- I'm an airman.
Well you have actually excellent
bone structure there. I'm kinda...
having a hard time not looking
at you now. Is that weird?
C'mon, it's OK, laugh. Hey!
- Sir, I have a question to ask.
- Yes, please.
It is true you went 12-for-12 with
last year's Maxim cover models?
That is an excellent question.
Yes and no. March and I
had a scheduling conflict,
but fortunately the Christmas
cover was twins. Anything else?
You're kidding me
with a hand up, right?
Is it cool if I take
a picture with you?
Yes, it's very cool.
I don't wanna see this
on your MySpace page.
Please, no gang signs.
No, throw it up, I'm kidding.
Yeah, peace! I love peace.
I'd be outta job with peace.
C'mon! Just click it, don't change
the settings, just click it.
What's going on?
Jimmy, stay with Stark!
Lie down!
Son of a bitch!
- Wait, wait, give me a gun!
- Stay here!
Tony Stark.
Visionary. Genius.
American patriot.
Even from an early age,
the son of legendary weapons
developer Howard Stark
quickly stole the spotlight
with his brilliant and unique mind.
At age four, he built
his first circuit board.
At age six, his first engine.
And at seventeen, he graduated
Summa Cum Laude from MIT.
Then, the passing of a titan.
Howard Stark's life long friend
and ally Obadiah Stane,
steps in to help fill the gap
left by the legendary founder.
Untill at age 21,
the prodigal son returns,
and is anointed the new CEO
of Stark Industries.
With the keys to the kingdom,
Tony ushers in a new era
for his father's legacy,
creating smarter weapons,
advanced robotics,
satellite targeting.
Today, Tony Stark has changed
the face of the weapons industry,
by ensuring freedom
and protecting America and
her interests around the globe.
As liaison to Stark Industries,
I've had the unique privilege
of serving with a real patriot.
He is my friend and
he is my great mentor.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my honor
to present this year's Apogee
Award to Mr. Tony Stark!
Thank you, Colonel.
This is beautiful. Thank you.
Thank you all very much.
This is wonderful.
Well, I'm not Tony Stark.
But if I were Tony...
...I would tell you
how honored I feel,
and what a joy it is to receive
this very prestigious award.
Tony, you know,
the best thing about Tony...
...is also the worst thing -
he's always working.
We should just stay
till the morning.
- You are unbelievable!
- Oh, no. They roped you into this?
Nobody roped me into anything.
But they told me...
that if I presented you with an award,
you'd be deeply honored.
Of course I'd be deeply honored.
And it's you!
That's great. So when do we do it?
One more round. - There you go.
There it is. That was easy.
I'm so sorry. - Yeah, it's OK.
Wow, would you look at that?
That's... that's something else.
I don't have any of those
swooping around. All right, ride!
Give me a hand, will you?
OK, you too.
I don't blow on man's hands.
There it is! It's the Lieutenant
Colonel Rhodes' roll, and...
That's what happens.
Worse things have happened,
I think we're gonna be fine.
Color me up, will you?
- This is where I exit.
- Tomorrow don't be late.
- Yeah, you can count on it.
- I'm serious.
- I know, I know.
Render unto Caesar that which
is Caesar's. There you go.
Mr. Stark! Excuse me!
Mr. Stark!
Christine Everheart,
Vanity Fair magazine.
Can I ask you a couple of
questions? - She's cute.
- She's alright? Hi.
- Hi.
Yeah. Okay, go.
Железный человек

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