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Карлсон вернулся

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- Don't sigh. It has to be this way.
- But maybe Karlson dos exist.
- This is Karlson!
- So... You have a dog as well.
Matilda, do you hear?
Very well! Nevermind. I'll make
it proper person.
- A-a...
- Freken Bok. Bok!
Your smoking may have deleterious
effects on my health!
You will have to give up
this disgusting habit.
So it was you then who
placed the advertisement...
that you need a house-keeper?
Honest. With good personality.
So here I am!
- But we wanted a governess.
- Who do you need govern around here?
What an aggressive dog!
- I hope, Freken Bok that
you like children. Yes?
How shall I put it?...
With all my heart!
Go now. Work and don't worry.
- I'm going.
- I give you my word that soon,
you won't recognise you child.
- Thank you.
- Give me the pastry!
first of all, sweets ruin your figure!
Second of all, go to sleep!
Third of all...
Do you homework!
What else? I need something else...
What a torture it is to educate!
Oh, yes, I remembered!
Wash your hands!
- Why do I need to wash them?
There is nothing to eat anyway.
- Matilda, do you hear me, my child?
Sort out this animal.
But be careful this dog is not hygienic.
- Karlson. Karlson!
- Don't shout.
You've scared away all of the fish!
- Hello Karlson!
- Hello Junior.
Listen, why won't you ask me
where have I been all of this time?
- Where have you been all of this time?
- That's more like it. I was visiting my grandma.
You know my grandma...
When she just seen me, she shouts
really loud: "My dearest Karlson!"
Then she rushes over
and hugs me real strong!
My grandma is the World
Champion in hugs.
- Really!
- You don't believe me?
- I believe you. But you have returned!
- Returned!
But think what you are saying!
How can one fly with this engine?!
I nearly fell out of the sky on my way! Listen!
You see?
I urgently need refuelling.
Cake with whipped cream will du just fine.
- But I don't think there is a cake...
- What? Are you crazy?!
The dear friend flies over from far away... for a minute...
And you don't have a cake!
- But we didn't know...
- But what did you know?
You needed to have hoped... with all you heart!
- Listen, maybe you'll have...
We have a fried sausage...
- Fried?
- Ok, the one will learn to eat all
kinds of rubbish once in your place.
Come on, bring over the sausage.
- Oops, I'm locked in.
- What? Locked in? Why?
- This house-keeper is some
sort of house-tormentor!
- Don't cry! Don't cry!
Is it you who's crying or me?
- Me.
- I'm not crying.
- Don't.
- Listen, who is this house-keeper?
Good evening, my dear friends.
Let's begin our usual
program about life of ghosts.
We strongly advise you
to take your children.
Today our guests are two...
...well you're going to hear
a story about a meeting with the ghost...
savage but cute.
This is how it happened.
- Disgrace. It's disgusting to watch!
So uncultured!
Matilda. Matilda, what are you deaf?
I think I'm talking to you!
Have you seen anything like it?!
They are showing thieves on a TV!
But I am better! Disgrace!
So, my dear friends...
We ask anyone who know anything
about the life of ghost...
...to call our studio.
Our phone is two-two-three...
three-two-two, two-two-three, three-two-two!
- Don't cry.
- I am not.
- Good.
Don't worry. Just don' worry!
Listen, take a guess... Who is the
World's best tamer of the house-tormentors?
- Who?
- You don't know?
- No.
- Of course it's me!
Let's fly!
Listen, why have you lied to me?
- Pardon?
- That you're seven years old.
- Why?
- Because you weigh the whole eight!
- Where are you? Come
out you little mischief.
Strange... He is not here.
Here are you! What's going on?
There is a shoe.
But there is no child is this shoe!
Where are you?
There have you been?
- We just were flying a
little bit with Karlson.
- What do you mean "flying a little bit"?!
Like birds flying a little bit?
Ok. Good. Yes...
Карлсон вернулся

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