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CTB Film Company
Kazakhfilm Studio
With support of Cinematography
Department, Ministry of Culture
Olzhas Nusuppayev
Eduard Tabishchev
Olga Landina
Nurtai Kanagat
Gulnara Yeraliyeva
Bakhytbek Baimukhanbetov
Victor Sukhorukov
Producers Sergey Bodrov,
Sergey Selyanov, Sergey Azimov
Director Guka OMAROVA
They said he can't study
with normal kids.
They said he can't study
with normal kids.
Look here...
He's just like that - he'll do
whatever they tell him.
Stretch your arms out.
Close your eyes.
Touch the end of your nose
with your finger.
Don't rush. One more time.
Well, of course he is slow
but basically he isn't dangerous,
he won't hurt anybody.
- What's your name?
- Schizo.
What Schizo?
They tease him like that at school.
He's Mustafa.
How old is he?
He'll be 15 soon.
Mother, you stay in corridor for
a while. I'll talk to him myself.
Get dressed.
Why did you get kicked
out of school?
Bakha said,
"Do you wanna bonk Anelka?"
And you?
I said, "I do."
And then what?
And then
Bakha pushed me into the cloakroom
with the girls
and they bonked me themselves
on the head.
That's it?
I don't remember anything else.
Does your head hurt?
It hurts.
Go call your mother and
wait in the corridor.
Buy him this medicine, have him take
two pills at a time.
How is he, Victor lvanovich?
He has some deviations. You have to
go to the city, to a specialist.
Come by in a couple of weeks
for the paperwork.
You will have to pay, understood?
Of course I understand.
I'm already saving.
This is from our place...
sour cream, eggs...
Maybe I should talk to the teacher?
No, don't bother. I don't want to go
to that school.
You're right. You'll work for me!
And what if I can't do it?
Don't be scared! Stick with me,
I'll teach you!
That's it. Deal?
How many for you?
Let's go, I want...
- Let me finish cooking.
- Let it cook itself.
Mustafa is watching.
Come on, what is he,
a baby or something?
I'll turn off the gas.
- You're not scared?
- No.
We'll be there in a second!
A fool is one thing,
an idiot's even more so.
It's a trick, a trick, don't cheat!
You're cheating.
A jack, what a pity.
- What do you need?
- I've been standing half the day.
- How you doing, Sakura?
- Fine.
That's good.
Listen, Almaz.
Everybody knows my face there already.
I found myself a helper.
- Who is it?
- It's my girlfriend's son.
Make sure he keeps his mouth shut.
You couldn't find a bigger one?
He'll knock ours out...
I think it's worth the risk.
It's interesting for the crowd.
All right then, here are the rules.
You've got to make it to the end.
What about the rest?
You have to win the rest. We'll
start in a half-hour. You're first.
Who's this guy to you?
A friend.
You've known him long?
Can we trust him?
That's it. Get out of here.
Hey, what's with you?
You call this money?
I'll kill you for this money.
Get lost. You're gonna threaten me?
Go. Get out of here, you idiot!
I bet on the boxer.
I on the T-shirt.
They need a doctor there.
He needs help.
- Take him away from here.
- What's the matter?
Ali's bad there.
What Ali?
The one from the exchange.
Bring some water!
Forget about him,
go bring some water.
They finished me, bastards...
Take the money from my pocket.
Do you know the house
at the edge of town?
Her name is Zina...
You'll do it?
Hey, Schizo. You here?
Don't you get it?
I told you, forget about him
or I'll rip your head off! Got it?
Okay, guys!
I'm taking new "Benz", I'll stake
old one on the fight. Let's drink!
Oh, cool. Come on guys, come on.
To Almaz' new "Benz". To you, Almaz!
Dance with him.
Does Zina live here?
And who are you?
A friend.
Zina's on her way.
Do you have some water?
Wanna play?
Who's this?
Your friend.
I don't have this kind of friend.
What do you need here?
Ali asked me to bring money.
And that's all of it?
And where is he?
He left.
Left? Where

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