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Похитители тел

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Where do I begin?
I guess with the idea that sometimes
things happen that we don't understand.
Maybe we shouldn't try to.
My dad had been assigned to inspect
the military southern sector of the EPA.
My stepmother, my half-brother and I
spent two months on the road with him.
It's hard being in a car with a 6-year-old
and the woman who replaced your mom.
But nobody asked me what I wanted
to do that summer.
I guess things do happen for a reason...
...even if you don't like what that reason is.
Come on.
Fill it up.
- You got a rest room?
- It ain't great, but we've got one.
- Not the "big old fat" part.
- Which part?
- Can I have a soda?
- No.
- I see you're from Washington, D.C.
- That's right.
Long way from home.
You're bad. You're bad.
You're scared.
They're out there.
They're everywhere!
They get you when you sleep.
They get you when you sleep, you hear?
Get out, or you'll be next!
Dad! Dad!
There's a psycho in there!
- In the bathroom?
- He's got a knife!
Maybe you should let him go in first.
He's got a gun.
Maybe you'd better come back here, honey.
There's nothing here.
There's no one in there.
You okay?
No one's there?
Marti, are you okay?
Are you all right? What did he want?
Maybe we should file a police report.
"They get you when you sleep."
I remember thinking he was crazy...
...but I also remember thinking
we spend half our lives asleep.
'Morning, sir.
I'm Steve Malone. I'm with the EPA.
General Platt's expecting us.
One moment.
Follow the signs to Sector C.
I got it.
Fifty-nine. There are three doors,
so it should be...
Let's see. It's this...
How'd you know that?
He's so smart. This kid of ours is so smart.
How'd you know it was that door?
Tie your shoelaces.
I'll do it.
Are you sure this is the right door?
This is it?
Andy, come on. Help me unload the car.
Come on, I'm going to get there
before you do.
Andy, honey, slow down.
There are only two bedrooms.
You've got to share with your brother then.
Steve, can you give me a hand up here?
Don't work too hard.
If we'd known what was waiting for us,
we would've run.
But, in the end, it had to happen.
And so it began.
- This is a restricted area, miss.
- What?
You shouldn't be here
without security clearance.
What's up?
Get in the car.
I'm Jenn.
Thanks for picking me up.
No problem. They're dicks.
What was that all about?
God knows. They always have
a bug up their ass. Ignore them.
So what heinous misfortune
brings you here?
A month in hell with my dad and his wife.
He's with the EPA.
EPA, cool! Hippies saving the planet.
Look at those goons.
They actually volunteered for this crap.
Can you believe it?
What are you doing here?
Not much.
My dad runs the place.
He does?
Mom? There's somebody here.
Look at this shit.
This is why my dad's an insomniac.
He's afraid she'll burn the house down
in her sleep.
Mom, this is Marti. Marti, my mom.
Vodka. Want some?
Mom's an alcoholic.
The experts say that means I'll be one too.
Let's go. Come on.
Nice to meet you, Mrs. Platt.
And I don't know what's wrong
with the kids.
They treat me like I'm some stranger
rather than their father.
Why are you here?
What do you want?
You're young, but you're old.
Steve, you're going to get a mucho kiss.
Time for your mucho.
Carol doesn't like mucho kisses.
- Hi, honey.
- Did we wake you?
- Sorry.
- What's wrong?
I had a nightmare.
Come here. I'll give you a kiss
and a big hug.
A bad dream can't hurt you.
Everybody has bad dreams, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay. Come on,
I'll take you back to bed.
What the hell was that?
Have you ever been in the military?
No, General.
Then you know absolutely nothing about
biological and chemical warfare, do you?
It seems to me...
...that it'd be a lot more dangerous
to move this stuff around...
...than to leave it where it is.
If these chemicals are safely stored,
you have nothing to worry
Похитители тел

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