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Серый волк энд Красная Шапочка

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Moscow is speaking.
Listen to the signal
for the exact time.
At the 6th chime, Moscow
time will be 6 a.m.
"Masha is stupid."
Day and night,
we knead the dough.
To arrive in Paris on time.
For dear old Grandma Theresa,
a fresh holiday pie.
Do not fly in the sky, geese.
Do not bring the rain.
A longing for old Mother
Russia has come over Grandma.
- Cheer up!
- Cheer up!
Don't get tired along the way.
Don't be afraid of
the woods at night.
Wait for me, and I'll be there,
Grandmother Theresa.
Do not fly in the sky, geese.
Do not fly in the sky, geese.
Wind, do not spin the leaves.
A wolf's hunger is vast.
But just try to taste,
try to grasp without teeth.
A great sorrow gnaws at me.
With my last strength,
I'm holding out.
If the doctor can't help,
I'll throw myself in the river
and quickly drown.
Doc Hurtz, I've come
a long way to see you.
It is said you're the best
oral surgeon, Doc Hurtz.
So please, save me!
Grey Wolf, I know your kind.
You're a devious fellow.
So please, Grey Wolf...
Kindly leave this office.
Doc Hurtz, the forest
has its own laws.
I need teeth for
self-defense, Doc Hurtz.
And if you help me,
I'll return the sheep, I swear!
Grey Wolf, really,
I just don't know.
Doc Hurtz, look...
I am crying tears of sorrow!
Doc Hurtz, fate brought me to you!
Grey Wolf, really,
I just don't know.
Doc Hurtz, you can
clearly see my tears!
Doc Hurtz, truly
fate brought me here!
Italians love their pizza,
the Chinese love stir-fry.
We will send across
the border our Russian pie.
Do not fly in the sky, geese,
Do not bring the rain.
Grandma must have
her holiday treat!
Doc Hurts, the woods
have their own laws...
Doc Hurts, the woods
have their own laws...
Doc Hurts, the woods
have their own laws...
Doc Hurts, the woods
have their own laws...
Doc Hurts, the woods
have their own laws...
Doc Hurts,..
...the woods
have their own laws.
Like carrots ripening
in the garden.
With every day my love
for Grandma grows stronger.
Wing are sprouting
just like a bird.
There are no borders
for love and friendship.
It is an honorable duty
to visit Paris.
However, there is danger.
The Wolf has been freed...
The police have pulled hes teeth.
Without the kindness of
strangers he won't survive.
Without the kindness
of strangers...
He will not survive.
I'm without mommy or daddy,
On the road from Moscow.
There's not a girls more fearless,
Nor more naive than
Little Red Riding Hood!
These teeth are forged from steel
The wolf's life is ideal.
In my heart I...
feel so much better.
From childhood,
I've loved metal.
These new teeth
are just charming!
Sadness and sorrow are forgotten!
If they question me
because of my clothes,
I will bow my head low.
For I will go to Paris,
To pour out the love
that is in my heart.
Ah, ma chere, how tactless.
Ma chere, where
are you rushing to?
What's in the pie, may I ask
...my little pal?
Grey Wolf, I recognize you!
My mama told me
all about you!
You're a bandit, a robber,
a scoundrel and a villain!
Ah, ma chere,
why do you insult me?
Ah, ma chere,
I was raised in Paris.
What's in the pie,
answer quickly, my little pal?
Let pedestrians run clumsily
through the puddles...
...and streams of water
along the pavement.
And it seems strange to a passerby
on this overcast day...
...that I'm feeling so gay.
I am playing an accordion
in full view of passersby.
It's too bad that a birthday
comes only once a year.
These false teeth!
These false teeth...
...are simply charming!
We haven't been home forever,
Spring is in full bloom.
Riminding us of Moscow
which is only a memory...
... because we are so far away.
These steel teeth...
...are simply charming!
Melancholy and sadness
are behind.
Stainless dentures!
Stainless steel!
I'm going to
Серый волк энд Красная Шапочка

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