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Вовка в Тридевятом царстве

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MontrealSoyuzmultfilm presents
Vovka in the Never-Ever Tsardom
Screenplay: V.Korostylyov
Director: V.Stepantsev
Staging directors:
A.Savchenko, P.Repkin
Camera: M.Druyan
Composer: I.Yakushenko
Sound: B.Filchikov
Art: O.Gemmerling, G.Arkadyev
Assistant Directors:
V.Turbiner, Ye.Shilova
Script editor:
Animators: Yu.Butyrin, O.Orlova,
A.Aleshina, A.Petrov, T.Taranovich
V.Dolgikh, G.Barinova, S.Zhutkovskaya,
L.Kayukov, A.Abarenov, V.Arsentyev
Voices: Rina Zelyonaya, Ye.Ponsova,
K.Rumyanova, E.Treyvas, M.Yanshin
"Fairy Tales"
- Well, what else would you like
to read, my dear?
- I'd like another book like this one.
- I've got something even better.
Take a look.
"Do it yourself"
- Always "yourself" and "by yourself."
What about like in here?
Live like royalty! Doing nothing is
the only thing you get to do!
- Then you absolutely must visit...
...the Never-Ever Tsardom.
- Ha, like anyone can get there.
- And why not?
Where's the fairy-tale section here...
Ah, found it!
Now stand over here...
Straighten your head...
Try to be still...
- Wow!
- You see, only drawn little boys
can live in books. But you two...
...are the same thing, right?
- It's a fact! Are you a fairy?
- Oh, no-no! There is nothing
magical about this.
I just read this book
from time to time.
Well, go on, dear.
- Nobody's around.
Hello! Where is everyone?
- I've piles of food and drink immenses
and other stuff to stuff my tum.
But now and then I paint some fences
so no-one thinks that I'm a bum.
- Tsar! Hey, tsar!
- Oh my goodness!
- You scared me!
I thought someone picked up our
book to read, and I'm dressed like that.
- No, it's just me! But why were you
painting that fence?
You're a tsar! You're not supposed
to be doing anything at all!
- I know, I know...
That's my job -- doing nothing is
the only thing I get to do.
I'm bored to death!
And besides...
I'm not a real tsar.
I'm a fairy-tale tsar.
I figured -- while the book is on
the shelf, I'll paint a fence.
Useful, and a nice distraction.
Don't you agree?
- Nope. You just don't get
the point of living like royalty.
A tsar, that's...
You want candy? You got it!
You want ice-cream? You got it!
And he's painting fences.
- Well-well...
I see.
Care to yield a seat to the elderly?
Or do they not teach that at school?
- There you go.
- And the crown, too.
- There you go.
- It's a tad big on you.
- So... Ice-cream, you say?
- Yeah!
- Hello!
- All right, boys.
Chop his head off.
For being a bum.
- Not a problem!
- At... the... door...
At the door...
...his old woman...
...and in front of her
a broken wash-tub.
Ah, that's where I am.
- Grandma! Hi!
- Hello, dearie.
- Grandma, how does one go about
seeing the Goldfish?
You should know, of all people.
- Well, the sea is right there.
- Except, I really suggest you don't go.
Just listen what sort of
travesty happened to me...
- She's going to try and tell me!
Like I didn't read all about it.
But I'm not you, right?
I don't want to be
"the ruler of all sea!"
She'll quickly see things my way.
- Hey, sonny!
...you know...
...could you ask her
for a new wash-tub?
- Woah there!
Don't start that again!
First you'll want a wash-tub.
Then you'll want a washing machine!
- No, no...
...nothing like that.
- Oh, very well. I'll ask.
- Hey, Goldfish!
Hey-hey! Goldfish!
Can you hear me?
- What do you desire, old man?
- What? What's this?
- Ah-ha, Goldfish!
Listen up, Goldfish. First of all...
...I'll need you to...
- What?
Did you first weave the net?
Did you cast it three times
into the sea?
Did you catch me?
Didn't move a finger, but already
thinks he can order me around.
- Hey, where are you dragging me?
Oh, yeah? Whatever!
Stupid herring!
- Wow, that's awesome!
Hey! Who are you?
- We? We're Vasilisas the Wise.
- Who?
- Vasilisas the Wise!
- Where did you come from?
- We're here from different fairy-tales.
Вовка в Тридевятом царстве

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