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In America...
...there's a burglary
every 11 seconds...
...an armed robbery
every 65 seconds...
...a violent crime
every 25 seconds...
...a murder every 24 minutes...
...and 250 rapes a day.
Jerry, don't push it together like that.
Will you just let me do it?
You make me sick!
Watch it!
Hey, pal!
Can I help you?
We are willing to talk.
No one wants to hurt you.
Do you understand?
We are willing to talk.
There's no more need for violence.
There's no way out except by talking.
Do you understand?
No one wants to hurt you.
We want to help.
Please, communicate with us.
You can go.
You can go!
You're free!
No one wants to hurt you.
Do you understand?
- Enough of trying to deal with this maniac!
- Get down!
All we need is more time.
We can get control of the situation.
What control?
Call the Cobra.
- How bad is it?
- It's bad.
Any I.D. on the guy?
Just another asshole who woke up
hating the world. What's happening?
I don't agree with them bringing you
in here. I just want you to know that.
Come on.
Come on!
Get down, you.
Get down there, man.
Shut up!
You get away from her!
Shut up!
I'll kill you, man.
I'll kill them all!
It's the way of the New World.
So where are those TV cameras?
Hey man, I've got a bomb here.
I'll kill them all!
You bring in the TV,
or I'll kill them all.
You understand?
It's the way of the New World!
What are you waiting for?
Let's go!
Come on over here, I'll kill them.
You got that?
You're all trash, anyway.
You all deserve it.
You're a lousy shot.
I don't like lousy shots.
You wasted a kid for nothing.
Now I think it's time to waste you.
Hold it!
Come on, man.
I got a bomb here.
I'll kill her.
I'll blow this place up.
Go ahead.
I don't shop here.
Just relax, amigo.
You want to talk?
We'll talk.
I'm a sucker for good conversation.
I don't want to talk to you.
You bring the television cameras
in here now. Come on, bring it in!
I can't do that.
I don't deal with psychos.
I put them away.
I ain't no psycho, man.
I'm a hero!
You're looking at a fucking hunter.
I'm a hero of the New World.
You're a disease, and I'm the cure.
Drop it!
Come on.
You okay, man?
You're the one
who killed the maniac?
Did he say why he did it?
Is it related to the Night Slasher?
The Night Slasher's a different case.
People, please!
Let's have a little room!
Was it necessary for it to end
like this? Did he have to die?
Come on, don't listen to this asshole.
Did you use unnecessary deadly force?
I used everything I had.
Is this a public forum?
We have work to do out here!
We want to know what makes a policeman
a judge and jury. People have rights.
You think a maniac who blew a kid's
heart out should have rights?
No matter what you think, people
are entitled to protection by the law.
You tell that to his family!
All right, the show's over.
Come on, clear this area!
- Move it!
- Fuck you!
What's your problem?
What's your problema, se ?
You touched my car, man.
That's bad for your health.
What is, pinche?
Clean up your act.
Yeah! You're in trouble, man.
You told him, se.
Tonight, the man known as
the Night Slasher...
...has struck for the 16th time
in just over a month's time.
The 22-year-old victim was
mutilated with a sharp instrument...
...and seemed to be just as unlikely
a victim as the other 15.
Not much else is known other than that
the Night Slasher preys upon anyone.
Victims have included businessmen,
Asian immigrants...
...the elderly and, in one case,
a sexually assaulted child.
The serial killer has thrown
the city into a panic...
...and up until now, no one
has had a clue to his identity.
The killer has been known
to crawl through windows...
...and kill the victims in their sleep.
The method of death has been
silent instruments...
...such as claw hammers,
knives and axes.
Look, this is not your specialty, okay?
- There's no question?
- 90% sure


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