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angeleswelcome to darkness
there's blood in the air
the angel of death's
descending the stairs
the madness and sadness
the kiss of the gun
cover your ass
as you stay on the run
it's the bonus time
it's time to collect
the joker is wild
and he's back in the deck
the lowdown, the go-around
the showdown in hell
stay on the move
or you won't live to tell
hey, john!
what'll you drink?
Get me a beer.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Come on. You're not
gonna do anything.
That's enough
for that lousy beer.
cut to the chase
time's runnin' out
and they're usin' live bait
street's infected
crawl in the slime
the neon nightmare
is about to unwind
Welcome to
los angeles, rabbi.
Enjoy your stay.
shalom, shalom.
how are you?
I'm fine.
welcome to I.A.
Keep the truck runnin',
Bring me some beer. Ahh.
Get some beers.
Don't you go starin' at me,
you goddamn slope!
We should've nuked your
asses when we had the chance.
- If I'd have been there, we would have.
- Leave him alone!
Ready for that beer, pete!
Push "no sale," and put the
fuckin' cash on the counter!
Hmm. Get this shit out to the truck.
Are we gonna
take her with us?
Darlin', we gonna have us
a good time tonight. Mm-hmm!
gonna teach me how to party?
She's gonna teach me
how to party!
You're gonna teach me
how to party, baby! Huh?
But I gotta kill
this old man first.
What the hell
are you do-
How you want it,
Fast or slow?
Huh, motherfucker?
My fuckin' head!
Goddamn son of a bitch!
You motherfucker!
Hold your
Drop the gun.
charlie, you smell.
You broke my
fuckin' arm, man!
Keep the change.
Thank you.
Detective quintz,
Nick randall.
Meet me outside.
I've got a present for you.
An f. B.I. Wanted.
A cop killer.
His name is
charles higgins.
Pull his file and
give me a booking number.
No, no,
I'm not coming inside.
I don't like cops,
and they don't like me.
So, where's
my present?
Why the hell is he in
the trunk? Take a whiff.
You son of a bitch!
You broke my
fuckin' arm, man!
Locked me in his trunk.
Didn't read me no rights.
Hey, I'm a free man. Judge'll
send you up, and I'll walk.
Ever heard of the
miranda act, sucker?
Charlie, you haven't
been arrested yet.
- What?
- I'm not a cop.
Are you a fuckin'
bounty hunter? Huh?
A sleaze-bag
bounty hunter.
Take care of this
piece of shit, will you?
Yes, sir.
What do you wanna do
about the paperwork?
Let's do it
at my office, hmm?
Good idea. I'll see you in five minutes.
I'll get you, cocksucker!
Goddamn it! Shit!
Hey, nickels,
Good to see you.
-... A great deal. -... Vamos a
escuchar. -The life of the flesh is death.
I wired the satellite solenoids
to the detonators.
Has a range
of two miles.
If it's that far away,
I can't watch.
thousand dollars.
Not bad for
a night's work, nickels.
It's 40.
Read the small print.
There's a $15,000 bonus
if he can still talk.
How do you put up
with this shit, danny?
Every time I touch
one of those scumbags, I-
I take a lot
of showers,
And louise
scrubs my... Back.
How is she?
That's what you need:
A lady.
A nice lady for a change, instead
of these bimbos you go out with.
Let me tell you something.
I found one.
First name is terry.
She's a stewardess.
Another stewardess.
She's getting her doctorate
in anthropology.
We've been goin' out for
three months now. Three months?
Three fucking months? Jesus, that's
a goddamn silver anniversary for you.
Come on,
tell me some more.
Louise is gonna ask me a million questions
when she finds out you got a girlfriend.
Did you tell louise
you bought a motorcycle?
No, I didn't tell her
I bought a motorcycle.
So why should you tell her
I got a girlfriend? Piss off.
Sign this.
She know
what you do?
I told her what I did.
She thinks I'm
in the

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