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Ivan the Terrible
A black cloud is forming
A bloody dawn approaching
The boyars have hatched
a treacherous plot
Against the Tsar's authority
Which they are now unleashing
This is a film
about a man
who was the first to unite
our country in the 16th century
a Prince of Moscow
who created a single
and powerful state
from a hodgepodge of divided
and self-seeking principalities
a warlord who heralded the
military glory of our Motherland
throughout the Orient
and the Occident
the first ruler who, in order
to reach these great goals
had crowned himself
Tsar of All the Russias
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost
the Archduke and Sovereign
Ivan Vasilievich
is crowned Tsar of Moscow
anointed of God
Tsar of Moscow
absolute sovereign of all
the Russias
The Archduke of Moscow has
no right to the title of Tsar!
Europe will never recognize him
as Tsar
If he is powerful enough...
she will recognize him
They say some of his own
subjects aren't too pleased
about the coronation
It's not surprising certain
lordly personages
aren't delighted
That's the Grand Duke's cousin,
Vladimir Staritsky
with his mother
Ivan's coronation bars their
road to the throne of Moscow
But it also seems that Ivan
is not without allies
Not the Archduke's
but the Tsar's
For he is now Tsar!
O... Tsar, the Lord's anointed,
accept from Him this sceptre
Accept it, my son
Accept this orb from God
Accept it, my son
In the name of God...
now and forever. Amen
To the Tsar,
the Lord's anointed
Ivan Vasilievich
the sovereign of
all the Russias
peace, health
and salvation
May the Lord save him
and keep him!
Long life to the Tsar!
Long life to the Tsar!
Long life!
Long life!
Long life!
Long life!
Long life!
Today, for the first time
the Archduke of Moscow wears the
crown of Tsar of all the Russias
He thereby puts an end to the
pernicious power of the boyars
From now on, all the Russias
will form a single State
What? He dares attack the power
of the boyars?
But to maintain Russia
as a single State
we have to be strong
That is why today
I am founding a regular army -
well equipped, militant,
And whoever doesn't fight
in this army
will contribute to its upkeep
Pay to cut one's own throat!
Similarly the holy monasteries,
with all their wealth
will make their contribution
For their funds pile up without
any advantage to
the Russian land
We shall need a strong
and undivided State
if we are going to crush those
who oppose the unity
of the Russian land
Only a State strong and unified
within its frontiers
can defend itself beyond them
Our native land
is no more than a trunk whose
limbs have been hacked off
The sources of our waterways
and rivers
Volga, Dvina, Volkhov
are ours
but the ports at their mouths
are under foreign control
Our ancestral lands have been
torn from us
That is why, this coronation day
we are going to set
about retaking
occupied Russian territory
Two Romes have fallen.
Moscow is the third
There will be no fourth
for I am absolute master of this
third Rome, the Muscovite State
The Pope won't sanction it!
The Emperor won't tolerate it!
Europe will not recognize it!
If he is powerful,
everyone will bow down to him
He must not be allowed
to become powerful!
The marriage is fixed for
St. Simon's Day
We'll arrange a fine wedding
for this dictator
Why such privileges for Ivan?
Why is Prince Kurbsky
his vassal?
Is not the Kurbsky's nobility
equal to that of
Ivan the Muscovite?
Why is Ivan of Moscow
master of Russia?
and not Prince Andrei Kurbsky
of Yaroslav?
The oak trees, the oaks!
On their boughs,
the turtle doves
sit nestling there!
Lullay, lullay, lullay
Kiss each other! Kiss!
Why are the bells of Moscow
ringing so loudly?
The citizens have gone wild
with joy!

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