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Вся президентская рать

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SOFTlTLERHere comes the President's helicopter,
Marine Helicopter Number One...
...landing in the plaza on the east side
of the east front of the Capitol.
Helicopter hovering gently,
just off the ground.
Amazing timing. The President
flying all the way across the world...
...across the Atlantic Ocean,
arriving almost exactly...
...exactly as scheduled at 9:30
in the Capitol plaza...
...to go up the steps
of the House of Representatives...
...go into the Chamber, address the
members of the House and the Senate...
...the Supreme Court,
the diplomatic corps of Washington...
...all of whom are inside waiting in the
Chamber of the House of Representatives.
Mr. Speaker...
...the President of the United States.
The President,
accompanied by the Escort Committee...
..es down the central aisle,
approaching the podium...
...greets members of his cabinet...
...and those waiting to be confirmed
as members of his cabinet...
...as he reaches the rostrum.
Shakes hands with the Speaker,
Carl Albert....
A happy President, smiling.
Ladies and gentlemen,
President Nixon will, in a moment...
...address the Congress
and the people of the United States.
Thank you.
Car 727. Car 727.
Open door
at the Watergate office building...
...possible burglary.
See the security guard.
Are you sure you want us?
51 7 is closer and they're in uniform.
They're getting gas. You take it.
Unit One to Unit Two.
Unit One to Unit Two.
We're home.
Base One to Unit One.
We have some activity here.
Silence is advised.
Shut it off.
Base One to Unit One.
Lights on the eighth floor.
Base One to Unit One.
ls anybody there?
There are people...people on the balcony!
Armed people!
Base One to Unit One.
Base One to Unit One.
We may have some problems.
Someone's here!
Hold it, you mother-- Police!
Put your hands up!
Drop that jacket!
Walkie-talkie, two 35mm cameras....
Got it. That's good.
All right, stay there.
l got something.
Did you see this? A couple in bed...
...car hits the house, goes through
the bedroom, comes out the other side.
Good morning. Crash.
Louis is at Democratic Headquarters.
One of the burglars had $814.
One $230, one $215, and one $234.
Most of it was in $100 bills...
...and in sequence.
There was a break-in at
the Democratic Headquarters.
There's been an arrest.
They were buggin' the place.
Check the time of the arraignment,
and get over there.
And Woodward,
it was National Democratic Headquarters.
-Anything else?
-Anything else?
Break-in, car crash....
That's not bad for a Saturday.
Let me know what happens.
Got anything on that couple?
l know somebody on the staff
over at Watergate.
Bernstein, finish one story
before trying to get on to another!
l finished it.
-The Virginia Legislature story?
-l finished it.
All right, give it to me.
l'm just polishing it.
l'll work the phones.
Yeah, you work the phones.
Excuse me, who are the lawyers
for the five men arrested at Watergate?
Well, these two were assigned to it.
These two were appointed to the case.
lt turns out the burglars
have their own counsel.
-The burglars have their own counsel?
That's kind of unusual, wouldn't you say?
For burglars it's unusual.
You know the name of the counsel?
l don't know. Some country-club type.
Excuse me, what is your name?
l'm Bob Woodward of the Washington Post.
Mr. Markham, are you here in connection
with the Watergate burglary?
l'm not here.
Clearly, l am here...
...but only as an individual,
not as the attorney of record.
Who is?
Mr. Starkey.
Whatever you want...
...you'll have to get it from him.
l have nothing more to say.
Starkey. S-T-....
Mr. Starkey was very helpful.
Four Cuban-Americans and another man,
James W. McCord.
l told you inside,
l have nothing more to say.
l understand that.
What l don't understand is
how you got here.
l assure you there's nothing
very mysterious involved.
l just spoke to a
Вся президентская рать

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