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You didn't go to Boston.
I tell that prick I'm gonna have $1,000...
...I'm gonna have a thou.
-I'm still $50 short.
-What has that got to do with anything?
Business is business.
You gotta keep your word.
Your word is your reputation.
You lose your reputation,
and you're out of business.
You're not talking about business,
you're talking about your own ego.
Ego, reputation, what's the difference?
That's what I just said.
Anyway, my customers are just
gonna have to wait 'till I get me $50.
Rich broads.
You never had to make a buck in your life.
I have to go out and hustle every day.
What are you doing?
Just sitting there in the bathtub
on your fat ass.
We ain't got nothing here.
We can't move.
And we ain't got much left
in the old cookie jar either.
But, Frank, you promised.
Maybe we could stay off the hard stuff
for a while and just smoke.
Yeah, but when I make this deal...
...we ain't even gonna
have to leave the house.
We can just groove and groove.
You can go down and get yourself
a year's supply of peanut butter.
I can get the hi-fi out of hock.
I can go to Netty's, get some brushes...
...and some paints and an easel
and a mile of canvas.
-Who paints?
-I paint.
You know I love you.
You got love, you don't need this stuff.
Is that the message?
Well, I love you, too.
So there.
You know, I was only kidding...
...about your painting.
I really like your paintings.
You're not gonna take that much yourself,
are you?
-You want a poke?
You didn't ask me where I was today.
Where do you think I was?
Did you think I was with some other guy?
-I went to my parents'.
-What the hell did you go there for?
It was near, my mother's birthday
was coming up, and....
I don't like to be here all by myself
when you're away.
And anyhow,
why should that freak you out so much?
It freaks me out.
You know it freaks me out.
How about some music?
That's okay.
You don't have to do this for me.
I understand about your parents.
It's got nothing to do with my parents.
Come on, babe, let's make love.
That fucking radiator!
When are you going to move the bed?
-Where you going?
-I'm gonna get me that $50.
That's crummy.
You promised
you weren't gonna do that anymore.
-You want me to sell my stuff?
So instead of a trip,
the teeny boppers get vitamin pills.
I'm doing them a favor. Shit.
With a line like that, I could run for mayor.
Please don't go. I don't feel very good.
You'll be okay. I'll be right back.
It can't take too long.
Pop one up if you have to.
You'll feel great.
See you.
-How do I know it's any good, man?
-It's so good, you'll wish it wasn't so good.
-I got beat last week.
-That was last week. Now is now.
How about a taste up front?
Sorry, man. No samples. It's too good.
Let me see it man, okay?
Here's a satisfied customer.
I don't need that, man.
Sit down.
Look, she's a bum tripper.
If your head's on straight, like yours is,
it's a groove.
It's dynamite.
It's you.
I'm hip.
You're a big help.
-I don't feel so good.
-Take it.
I said, take it.
Take it.
Now, go home.
Fifteen minutes, you'll be floating.
I just have one more pass to make,
and then I can get the stuff.
Now, stop being such a drag,
for Christ's sake!
Hey, honey, what are you doing?
Hey, wait a minute.
-Take it easy.
-Let me go!
You'll be all right.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
-Easy, easy.
-Let go.
Nobody's going to hurt you.
That's it.
Sgt. O'Connor? Mr. Miller from
the Second Avenue bargain store.
Fine, sir.
We have a young girl here
who's flipped out.
Looks like she's OD'd on speed.
Hippie. You better send an ambulance.
Second and 7th.
You've got a weird sense of humor,
Yes, sir.
Thank you. Good-bye.
She's coming down now
from the amphetamine.
A 100 milligrams of Thorazine
in the butt does wonders.
If you want her effects,
you can pick them up in


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