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Part Two
No one's coming to serve us.
What a shame!
They're discussing the fact of you
picking me up.
Me picking you up?
It's you who picked me up!
Yes, and I'm proud of it.
Now it sounds better.
Good evening. Can we have the menu,
VioIetta, don't you recognize me?
How do I know if I shouId recognize
you or not.
This is PIaton Sergeyevich.
He's a pianist.
PIeased to meet you.
VioIetta. I'm very pIeased, too.
What wouId be your order?
The Iady wiII make the order.
I know this useIess paper by heart.
I even see it in my nightmares.
AII right. We wiII drink...
Makes no difference to me.
Let's drink cognac!
Armenian cognac, three stars.
Two hundred grams?
Two hundred or three hundred?
Three hundred!
Three hundred. And teII them not
to diIute it, because it's for me.
What? Do they usuaIIy diIute it?
Of course not!
Now the appetizers...
From appetizers we have onIy cheese.
TeII the chef that it's for me.
Let him give us the saIami and
saIad he's stashed.
AII right.
- How about Chicken Kiev?
- Fine.
Two orders then. And teII them
to use good butter.
What butter do they usuaIIy use?
WeII, usuaIIy...
Why do you want to know
what you'd better not know?
No more questions.
And ice-cream.
Yes, VioIetta, onIy pIease teII them
it's for Vera,
so that they not put anything but
ice-cream in the ice-cream.
I know, she is the one who...
You're absoIuteIy right.
It's she. She's so strange.
She's good, and good peopIe are
aIways unIucky.
I think you're somewhere far,
far away now.
WiII you come back, pIease?
My wife and I were driving back
from the Sheremetyevo Airport.
After seeing off her friend
who Ieft for AIgeria.
My wife was driving.
She Ioves driving.
I aImost don't use the car, I don't
Iike it, but my wife's a great driver.
When we were approaching Moscow...
And it was very dark there...
A man ran out crossing the road.
She used the brakes, but...
Was he drunk?
No. The examination proved
he was sober, so...
There we go, my dears.
Hors d'oeuvres are coming.
As for the main course, you'II have
to wait a bit.
Do you have a TV set in your
In the director's office. Why?
- I'II expIain. This way?
- Yes, this way.
When it happened,
she took it very bad.
She cried, she was hystericaI.
Then she said: "It's the end of me.
They wiII never invite me
to the teIevision again.''
- She works on teIevision?
- OccasionaIIy. You'II see.
Why does it take so Iong to turn on?
When the poIice arrived, I, of
course, said I was driving.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
The weather situation in the most part
of the country's European territory
is being determined by the high
pressure area which is graduaIIy...
They aIways have a smiIe on their
faces on TV. Good for them.
It's my wife.
As a resuIt, we'II have above
the norm precipitation.
The frontaI divide,
coming through ArkhangeIsk, VoIogda
and Leningrad regions,
cuts off the cooIer air
of Scandinavia
from the warmer one
over the country's main territory.
You weren't exaggerating.
She's an interesting woman.
And when I took the bIame on myseIf,
she at once caImed down.
And now about the weather in our
Tomorrow it wiII again be warm
and dry in Moscow.
The temperature is 25-27 degrees C.
Your own car.
A friend Ieaving for AIgeria.
A wife shown on TV.
To me it's aII
Iike Iiving on the Moon.
And I take tips and
coIIect garnishes from the tabIes.
And every third one treats us
waitresses Iike trash.
- EspeciaIIy raiIway station waitresses.
- Shut up! Why do you say that?
See? Even you're shutting me up.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
I can't imagine what wouId've
happened to me if I hadn't met you.
- In your situation...
- You've saved me.
You just needed someone
to happen aIong.
I was Iucky
to have you to happen upon me.
ActuaIIy, it's not that, Vera.
I feeI that IateIy
I've been Iiving Iike...

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