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-Everybody here?
-Can I begin a council?
-You can.
-Are you our new doctor?
-Are you afraid?
-What is your...
-I'm very glad.
-Me too.
-Did you bring it?
-Give it here.
-Great. We need ice units more.
It weighs nothing.
-Vitaly Petrovich.
-Excuse me.
We need hundred of it.
-Give orders, I'll reserve.
-Do it.
Can I call?
It's me.
I'll be late a little bit.
I'm going.
I thought everything over.
I'm going.
This talk is senseless.
Do you smoke?
You too, I see.
No. I just collect bright things.
-Who is it in your car?
-Our collaborator.
You have a great labour fluidity
on your work.
The requirements are high.
By the way, she is just like
my boss.
Marsell Marso.
Show your tongue.
Wow, it is terrifying.
-Give it.
-My new job.
By the way, we don't notice
that a genius lives with us.
What do you say? Does it become
Yes, it does.
We have to
settle one question.
Did anybody change his mind?
It's not late now,
you have the time to refuse.
What are you talking about?
We'll follow you, master.
-Everything is ready.
The beard, the guitar.
I'll go.
In this case: strick discipline.
Absolute subjection to me
as a superior.
In any circumstances.
An they can be
very unexpected.
-How do you do, my friend?
-How are you?
-Get acquainted, boys.
-Good afternoon.
-How do you do?
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
My son.
-Let's go.
Vitaly, you did very good
by coming here. Thank you.
This is our old house.
My forbears have been living here
for 300 years.
What is it with you?
When somebody dies,
lobio is cooked.
A lot of people come. Please.
One minute.
Vessarion, we can't drink.
-Your arrival.
-Thank you.
For this house.
This is our custom. Please.
Who is it? Your son?
Iliko, the eldest.
This is Artao - our peak.
-Do you like it?
-How did it turn out to be here?
He has perished here a year ago.
Has he broken away?
I doubt. Nobody knows.
It seems to be an avalanche.
Probably an avalanche.
He is a strong guy.
He can't be called
physical strong.
That's another.
The sense is in that another.
This is my elder son.
Take it as a keepsake.
You remind me
of my son.
God save you.
Thank you.
Dear guests, eat, please.
You are welcome to whatever we
Don't be shy.
Sonny, give here a pig.
Our house is your house.
why are you sitting like a guest?
You are owner.
The pig is very tasty.
You have a long way ahead.
It's bad that you can't drink much.
Unfortunately, we can't drink at all.
In general, you can. So much.
Excuse me, please.
We've just climed on the top
of the tower. Wonderful.
500 years for all that.
Nobody can occupy this place
in the house.
Exuse me, please.
-Not at all.
-Truly. I didn't know.
-I'm sorry.
-Sit here, you'll be very
Do you go on Artao too?
I'm a doctor and I stay on Belak.
That's too much.
What are you looking at?
Do you like this girl?
-I do.
-That's my daughter.
-A daughter?
-Yes. She is Russian.
She was left alone
when Germans was advancing
in 1942.
And I have carried her
over the pass.
Did you wage war?
How old are you?
I don't know.
I was 47 or...
before the war.
Probably, I'm older now.
Am I an old man?
A young man.
This horn is always drunk
for good people.
And I would like to drink
for my guests.
For mountain-climbers.
Mountain-climbers never
search for a profit.
They find their happiness
in the mountains.
Their pride.
You told me
that you could not drink.
I know it.
But we have to drink
a glass
in order to wish you
good luck.
Successful return.
Be healthy, my friends.
Where are you taking me,
To my old age.
Let's go.
You're telling me
that I'm hale and hearty
and I'm taking you here.
You think
that Vessarion completely...
I'm listening.
My family is

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