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В созвездии быка

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TodorovskyMirabel Film Company
Supported by the Dep't of Cinematography
of the RF Ministry of Culture
with the participation
of the Mosfilm Concern
Mira Todorovskaya
A film of
Petr Todorovsky
The Taurus Constellation
Stand still, bitch!
I'm not writing this to you!
I love you.
- Mom, has Igor come around?
- No, he hasn't.
- Will you come in for a snack?
- No, I do not want to.
Why are you looking at me like that?
It is your hand now.
Kalya, I never had the courage to ask
why you are living alone.
I had lived with my grandma foryears
and she died last fall.
- What about...
- We used to be town dwellers...
That's how it was.
- And then my granny took me here.
- Well...
Igor, it is your move. Too much
knowledge brings too much trouble.
Galya, is Igor at home?
Is Igor at home, I wonder?
Does all this mean
he is not at home?
Igor, did Rostov women wear
open dresses before the war?
They must... They might have worn...
Was it like this?
Well, I can hardly remember it.
My mom did not wear it like this.
Or was it like this?
Or was it...
like this?
Can you hearthis?
I'll be back in a second...
I'll be back in a second...
What a shameless one you really are!
- Where is the kolkhoz chairman?
- I'll see you to his house.
I'm Tsvetkov. Igor Tsvetkov.
I'm from Rostov. I came to see my aunt
and the war broke in.
And I got stuck here.
- Did you come here for a long stay?
- It depends on your attitude.
So I'm Igor Tsvetkov.
Parfenytch, they came to see you!
- Here he is.
- What's the name of this village?
- Shishka. What's up?
- Follow me.
You know I think the squadron
leader will take me with him.
- Will you clean up after his horses?
- I got chilled a little bit, girls...
Will anybody warm me up?
Which of you is the hottest one?
Hey, listen!
- Hi!
- I want to know if you're serious about her.
- What are you talking about?
- You are fooling aroung with her.
Listen, leave me alone.
I'm leaving with the cavalry.
They are taking me to the
reconnaissance unit.
Will you warm me up, my chubby one?
What do you want?
Take care, man.
Your Shishka village is not mapped.
And what about Peschanka?
Look for Peschanka.
The village council is overthere.
Yes, here it is.
And where are we?
- We are 8 miles away from it.
- Which way?
Are we to the north orto the south of it?
Can you show the way to me?
- It seems to be here.
- OK.
Yeah, I got it.
Have you seen any Germans around?
No, God forbid.
Is anything wrong?
Listen, daddy...
I need a lot of hay.
A lot means 2 tonnes and a half.
How much? We do not have
so much in the whole village.
By tomorrow night I need to be
at the front line whatever it takes.
So prepare the hay, daddy,
we are going to a big battle.
And be very careful.
The front line is very close.
And a wounded wolf comes in
all covered with blood...
And we...
And we scratch the tails of our oxen.
So, you take three cavalrymen home.
Hey, beauty, can you
fix my button, eh?
Eat, eat to the full.
- The sleep evades you. Are you in love?
- Keep on singing.
Wow, the water got into my eyes!
The soap is irritating.
- Oh, my sweetie!
- It is irritating!
My little solder!
It is so handsome!
- It is a birthmark.
- My beloved one.
Oh, Lord, how lucky I was!
You are mine!
I want to write down your name
and your unit number.
You take too much
responsibility upon yourself.
Listen, dear, by the time you finish your
complaint, I'll long be dead.
- What a surprise!
- And where is your hay?
Oops, what a trick!
It is easy to understand who did that.
Comrade officer, I have a suggestion to make.
Am I all right foryour recon unit?
- You surely are.
- I'm very agile.
And please do not get offended with Vanya.
He is quite a boy.
He'll sell his soul out
for his oxen.
No, Vanya is a good boy.
He is mending
all the kolkhoz cattle alone.
Here it is.
Listen, Ivan, did you take all this
here yourself?
Did you carry
В созвездии быка

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