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Here, Beethoven.
Here, boy.
Here's a special treat.
Here, Beethoven.
This is from all of us.
I want you to have this.
Mom, we're out of toilet paper!
Come on, kids!
You're gonna be late.
The thing is, the bank has got to see
that what we're doing here is important.
That air fresheners do more
than just freshen air.
- I'm sure that the bank's aware of it.
- I'm sure they are.
If this bank manager has
any imagination, he'll understand.
Ryce, breakfast! Go ahead.
- Tell me how you're gonna start.
- I'm gonna say, "Mr. Bickert...
I woke up one morning a couple
of months ago and I realized something."
- Didn't I have sausage?
- You ate it, honey.
Honey, don't say "challenge."
It's a scary word to a bank.
- Opportunity.
- Ah, good. Much better.
There's a much bigger
opportunity out there.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, honey.
- Good morning, Dad.
- Good morning. Not just...
Not just to connect
people's air fresheners...
- Not now, boy. We're late.
- or to their truck.
Listen to this.
- Ryce, come on!
- Hi, thanks for picking me up.
What am I gonna wear?
Hi. Thanks for picking me up.
What do you think?
Mom, life is amazing.
I'm getting a ride to school
with Michelle and Taylor Devereaux.
- Who's Taylor Devereaux?
- A boy.
A boy.
Not a challenge,
it's an opportunity.
Not just to connect air fresheners
to a person's car or truck...
- but to connect air fresheners...
- Mr. Newton!
to a person's entire life.
You call the pitch.
This is an opportunity
to connect air fresheners...
to a person's car or truck.
Nooo! Ooo-ooh.
Oh, nooo!
Alice, the news kid threw
the paper, knocked the coffee.
- Aw, that's terrible.
- I was trying to concentrate.
Now I gotta change my clothes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Michelle said you could use
a ride to school.
- Hi.
- HI.
- I'm Taylor Devereaux.
- And I'm Ryce's mom.
- And that's my dad.
- Hi there.
Don't worry.
I'll get Ryce to school and back safely.
Oh, I'm not worried. You're very
handsome, so she can be a little late.
Thanks, Mom.
Bye, Dad.
Seat belts.
That's the best-looking kid
I've ever seen in my life.
Oh, God.
Honey, he's just giving her
a ride to school.
Why does she need a ride?
- It's a two-minute walk.
- Hi, Michelle.
You used to give me
a ride to school, remember?
On a bicycle.
Still, honey, you were very, very...
No, you were quite a...
- Mommy, are we late yet?
- Oh, God, I gotta get goin'!
- Good luck, Dad.
- Thanks.
Okay. It's okay.
Take it easy.
Oooh, George, honey,
your socks!
Aaah! I'm late!
It's okay. Just don't cross
your legs. That's easy, huh?
- So, you got strawberry?
- Uh-huh.
Has it got real strawberry in it?
I'll have a single cone, please.
What are you gonna have, Missy?
Okay, make that two strawberries.
Let's see.
What, you know this guy?
Huh? Hello? Missy?
I think she's got a date.
Uh, better make that
three strawberry.
Okay, this one's on me.
But next time, you're buying.
Here you go.
There ya go.
How's that? Huh?
Kiss the dog good-bye, Brillo.
Visiting hours are over.
Look, what do you wanna take Missy for?
You hate dogs.
- You hate all living things.
- Look, this is not about animals.
It's about alimony. And since I got the
court order, the dog stays with me...
until we negotiate
our little divorce.
Did my lawyer tell you what I want?
Yeah, $50,000.
That's right.
If I had the 50,000,
things would be different, but I don't.
- Well, then get it.
- Which dog, baby?
That one.
The one with the bow.
- That's a big dog.
- Look, just put her in the back.
- Don't do this, Regina.
- Brillo, shut up and pay up!
Come here.
Come on!
Stupid bow.
You want your dog back?
Call my lawyer.
Let's go, Missy.
Move it, stupid.
When we hide that mutt
where he can't see her...
the dumb slob
is gonna fall apart at the seams.
That's when he pays the big bucks.
I know the type. Emotionally

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