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motherSpeak Italian
We've arrived. I stopped here
so we could stretch our legs
It's a marvelous painting
I cried the first time I saw it
This light reminds me
of the autumn in Moscow
Come on.
- I don't want to
I'll wait for you inside.
- I don't want to!.
"I'm tired of seeing these
sickeningly beautiful sights"
"I want nothing more
just for myself"
"That's enough"
Have you come to pray for a
baby too? Or to be spared them?
I'm just looking
If there are any casual onlookers
who aren't supplicants
then nothing happens
What is supposed to happen?
Whatever you like,
whatever you need most
But you should at least kneel down
I can't.
- They're used to it
They're used to it
They have faith.
- Probably
Can I ask you something?
Why do you think
it's only the women
who pray so much?
You're asking me?
You see so many women here
I'm only the sacristan
But you must wonder why
women are more devout than men
You should know
Because you're a woman?
No, I've never understood
these things
I'm a simple man
But I think
a woman is meant to have children
to raise them
with patience
and self-sacrifice
That's all she's meant for?
I don't know.
- Thank you
You've been a great help
You asked what I thought
You want to be happy
There are more important things
Pitiful Mother, merciful Mother
Painful Mother, tormented Mother
Merciful Mother,
compassionate Mother
Anxious Mother, blessed Mother
Loving Mother, bright Mother
Mortified Mother, holy Mother
Painful Mother, proud Mother
Inspired Mother, bright Mother
Mother of all mothers, who knows
the pain of being a mother
Mother of all mothers, who knows
the joy of being a mother
Mother of all children, who
knows the joy of having a child
Mother of all children, who knows
the pain of not having a child
Mother who understands all, help
your daughter to become a mother
I just don't understand you
You go on and on about
the Madonna of Childbirth!
We drive halfway across Italy
in the fog
And you don't go in to see her
What are you reading?
Arseni Tarkovsky's poems
In Russian?
It's a translation
Quite a good one
Throw it away
The translator's a very good poet
Poetry is untranslatable,
like the whole of art
You may be right that poetry
is untranslatable
But music?
What is it?
Oriental music
But how could we have got to know
Tolstoy, Pushkin
and so understand Russia?
None of you understand Russia
Nor you Italy then
If Dante, Petrarch
and Machiavelli don't help
It's impossible for us poor devils
How can we get to know each other?
By abolishing the frontiers
Between states
You know a maid in Milan
set fire to the house?
Which house?
- Her employers' house
She missed her home
and family down South
So she burned the thing
that stopped her going back
Why did your musician, Sosnovsky
go back to Russia if he knew
he'd be a slave again?
Why won't you confide in me?
Read this.
You understand
The letter from
the Bologna Conservatory?
Yes. Was Sosnovsky
successful when he returned
to Russia?
Was he happy?
He started drinking
and then
He committed suicide?
- Exactly
I'm sorry, I was asleep
Do you have any identification?
I'll go and get the keys
Those aren't the other
hotel keys, I hope?
No, they're to my house
Here's your key
It's our best room
Good night, Andrei
Your room is on the next floor
It's nice here
The countryside's pretty too
There's the river, the mushrooms
People keep coming back,
they often fall in love here
You and your boyfriend
will like it
He's not my boyfriend
Go on, he's sad
because he's in love
No, his mind's on other things
Did you knock?
- I hadn't yet
Do you want to call Moscow?
You haven't talked
to your wife for 2 days
No, thanks
One, two, three
Andrei, get up.
we'll be eating soon!
I'll be downstairs.
It's lovely here
St. Catherine used to come too!
I'm coming
What does this Russian do?
He's a poet.

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