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Federal Agency of Culture
and Cinematography
Animos Studio
Based on Konstantin Sergiyenko's story
"Goodbye, Ravine"
There was once a village here,
now there's a ravine.
Our ravine.
Comrades, I found it! I found it!
Hurrah! Proud's found the Door!
The Door is the fulfillment
of all wishes!
I'll soon be at the cottage again!
The Cottage!
Sunsets! Meatballs!
Sunrises! Meatballs!
Meatballs! Sunrises!
Show it.
Here. It's round.
You're an all-round fool.
Don't you smell the human scent?
The Dog Door is different.
If you find it, you'll know.
The Dog Door
Autumn came.
I was always surprised;
it seemingly has no legs.
Yet it comes.
What's with your paw?
It's nothing.
When I suffered from a bad paw,
they would give me a diagnosis,
and treat it with Visnevskiy's ointment.
Hello, Your Nobleness.
Hey. Why not come with me?
And I went.
My apologies. I don't live richly.
I liked his house right away.
No need to worry of
scratching something.
"A hungry stomach is deaf to healing."
Eat and get well.
Bear it for a bit.
And it's done. Sleep. Rest.
And I fell asleep.
In truth, talking to cats
is frowned upon.
But Yamamoto is smart.
And I don't care whose head
contains the smarts.
Let it even be a cat's.
It hurts?
Honour is loftier than pain.
The samurai code, my friend.
He was angry that I didn't
catch a mouse. He insulted me!
I hit him with the Sword of the Paw.
He responded with the Sword of the Poker.
You did well. You know
how to fend for yourself.
My title demands it.
Tell me, am I not too self-reliant?
You're right on target!
You don't need them, anyway.
True! I'll build myself a nest
next to the gulls.
This is VERY convenient.
I'll take one gull per lunchtime.
Did you tell the gulls about this?
Don't be ridiculous!
What's the difference to them,
a gull more or a gull less?
You just try to climb onto my balcony!
I'll tear you to pieces!
Determining the cause of failure is
tantamount to triumphing over failure!
A lock! I need to lock the nest.
What do you need a lock for?
The nest doesn't even have a door.
An acute observation.
Everyone! I'll bite everyone!
I'll tear you all to pieces!
Your Nobleness! Hello, hello.
I'm trully sorry. Pardon me.
Don't worry, it's nothing.
They fixed my paw;
Yamamoto licked his own into health.
But our Lame... he's always lame.
Lame... we seem to be a pack
here in this ravine.
But what's a pack for?
A pack?
Well, for a warm shoulder near you.
For barking at a stranger together...
no, that's not it.
Each of us once had our own human...
Mine always knew when I
needed to eat or take a walk.
Now I have a pack. I guess
it's easier to forget together.
But I have nothing to forget.
What's it like to have
"your own human"?
It's like...  it's like you've
found the Dog Door.
There is no Cat Door at all.
I had asked Yamamoto once.
A mouse. But you surely understand,
how easy it is for someone with
my mastery of the martial arts...
to catch a mouse.
But this is somehow... slovenly.
And anyway, who has the right
to order me around?
Off with you, "modest one"!
Doesn't it disgust you, Proud,
to talk to that shifty cat?
None of your business!
You just try to climb
onto my balcony!
You just try to burgle my apartment!
You just try to take me lightly!
You just try! I'll bite everyone!
I'll tear you all to pieces!
Hey you, blabbermouth!
Come down, we'll talk.
Tear me to pieces.
We'll see how you manage it.
I'll maim you! I'll gnash you!
I'll dismember you! I'll finish you!
I'll finish you! I'll finish you!
My dear, you need to take some
anti-anxiety medicine.
This bazaar's empty.
Let's leave, dogs.
Tawny! Hello!
But I have no snack
for you today...
Well, let's walk at least.
He was wrong about the snack.
Walking together, for its own sake,
is also wonderful.
My owner, also, didn't
take a step without me.
He was the smartest man, and
they called him "

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