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I open my eyes and I see nothing,
I only remember there was some accident,
Everyone ran for safety as best they could,
I just can't remember what happened to me,
How strange, Where am I?
Marie, I must tell you something.
Judging by the clothes,
this must be the 1800s,
Where are they rushing to?
What if we are denied entry?
I've never been so frightened!
Don't forget, the girl in white is mine.
Where are you all going?
It's cold! CIose the doors!
Move ahead!
I went Iooking for the right way to go.
Those officers don't know the way,
Can it be that I'm invisible?
Or have I simply gone unnoticed?
Can it be? Has all this been staged for me?
Am I expected to play a role?
What kind of play is this?
Let's hope it's not a tragedy,
What does it all mean?
-Where should we go?
-Maybe here?
No, it's there.
That man in black,,,, He wanders about, too,
He nods to me but goes away,
Pardon me for speaking
before we've been properly introduced.
What city is this?
What city? Well, everyone speaks Russian,
I so hoped this was Chambord
during the Directoire period.
-What Ianguage are we speaking?
How strange! I never knew Russian before.
What are they doing in there?
Shall we enter?
-Where? There?
-Yes, something is going on,
No, I have to find out
what on earth I am doing here.
These wanderings about,
this knowing Russian....
I want to Ieave.
Your curiosity is not amusing.
Could all this be theatre?
Our paths must part.
You have answered all my questions.
-Farewell then,
-Where does this door Iead to?
What a pity,
We will never meet again,
He was obviously a foreigner,
Why would he be so rude otherwise?
It's best,,,
not to get involved in this,
Let's not disturb them,
In any case, it's much too late,
Sir, sir! I'm here,
My Russian cicerone! Do you know the way?
-Yes, let's go together,
-This is your country.
Yes, but not my century,
How did I come to be here?
I think I saw Peter the Great,
I hear delight in your voice.
Was it interesting?
Yes, very interesting,
In Asia, tyrants are adored.
The more terrible the tyrant,
the more his memory is cherished.
AIexander the Great, Timur...
and your Peter the Great.
You're wrong about Peter,
He taught Russians to enjoy themselves,
A spiral staircase.
Where has everyone disappeared to?
I see. But why?
What's so interesting up there?
You'll see,,,
Peter ordered his son's execution.
The same man who taught the people
to enjoy Iife. How funny!
I thought you knew where we were going,
He built a European city over a swamp.
He introduced order
of the most primitive kind.
-Where are they going?
-But the city is still European!
To a party. But why the back staircase?
They were taught to have fun,
So they go to parties,
And the officer and the Iady?
-At the party,
-Where are they?
They've gone to the underworld.
Down, down, down!
And they are no more.
Be careful. The stairs are steep and dark.
Thank you, I can see,
Do you see where we are?
No, I don't know yet,
Sir, be careful!
Don't betray our presence,
No need to remind me.
Do not forget I brought you here.
Please don't get involved in anything,
And you, do not get too close to the actors.
Bend towards me. You are beautiful.
-Do you remember?
-Why are you pushing me?
-Don't scratch me!
-Why is she pushing me?
-You are pushing, too.
What an impressive orchestra!
They must be Europeans!
No, they're Russian musicians,
No, Europeans!
They're Russians, for God's sake!
I say it's good.
Very good!
I need to piss!
I can't hold it in anymore!
No, no, don't, don't....
Ah! Yes, yes.
Sir, sir!
Don't yell!
-Where are you?
-Here. It's only Catherine the Great.
Follow me!
I Iove the 18th century.
A time of genius and manners.
I would have to agree with you,
-Never contradict me.
-Very well,
Where's the Empress? Gone!
Russia is Iike a


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