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EnglishI was kind of a strange chiId.
My parents knew earIy on
that something was wrong with me.
I crawIed backwards untiI I was two...
but had Kennedy's inauguraI address
memorized by the time I was six.
It aII began when my mother didn't
show up for my first birthday party...
because she was having my sister.
My dad tried to cheer me up
by Ietting me eat the whoIe cake.
I knew then
there had to be more to Iife than this.
When I was a kid, I thought onIy
three peopIe worked for GeneraI Motors.'
Pat Boone, Dinah Shore and my dad.
Our hometown of FIint, Michigan,
was the birthpIace of GeneraI Motors...
the Iargest corporation in the worId.
There were more auto factories and
workers here than in any city on Earth.
We buiIt CadiIIacs, Buicks,
and Fisher bodies...
GM trucks, ChevroIets,
and AC spark pIugs.
We enjoyed a prosperity
that working peopIe had never seen.
And the city was gratefuI to the company.
With the whoIe city rocking,
FIint, Michigan, throws a birthday party.
It's for the peopIe of GeneraI Motors
on their 50th anniversary.
Pat Boone ceIebrates with a song.
The promise of the future is the keynote
set by GM President, HarIow Curtis.
From the worId of TV
comes Sergeant Garcia...
and the swordsman known as Zorro.
But the big hit of the parade...
is the IiveIy marching
of the EIks junior driII team.
The citizens of FIint,
birthpIace of GeneraI Motors...
aIso see the radiant Miss America.
This was FIint as I remember,
where every day was a great day.
It's a great day, aII right.
A saIute to Mr. And Mrs. America.
My dad worked on the assembIy Iine at
GM's AC Spark PIug in FIint for 33 years.
In fact, as I grew oIder, I discovered
my entire famiIy had worked for GM.'
grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters,
aunts, uncIes, cousins. Everyone but me.
My uncIe Laverne
was in the Great FIint Sit-Down Strike.
Just hours before the year's end in 1936...
he and thousands of other GM workers
took over the FIint factories...
and barricaded themseIves inside,
refusing to budge for 44 days.
The NationaI Guard was caIIed in,
and the eyes of the worId were on FIint.
On February 1 1, 1937,
GeneraI Motors gave in...
and the UAW was born.
The GM employee
has made great advances.
lt is our wish that he continue to prosper.
Most of our employees,
even those who at times cause problems...
are conscientious
and hardworking men and women.
Men and women to whose imagination,
ingenuity, energy and dedication...
our country owes
its industrial leadership in the world.
That aII sounded fine and good,
but the assembIy Iine wasn't for me.
My heroes were the FIint peopIe
who'd escaped the Iife in the factory...
and got out of FIint,
Iike the guys in Grand Funk RaiIroad...
Casey Kasem, the women who married
Zubin Mehta and Don Knotts...
and perhaps FIint's
most famous native son, Bob Eubanks...
host of TV's hit show
The Newlywed Game.
I figured if Bob Eubanks
couId make it out of here, so couId I.
After 10 years of editing my own paper
in FIint...
a CaIifornia miIIionaire
asked me to be the editor...
of his muckraking magazine
in San Francisco.
It didn't take me Iong
to figure out what to do.
The final issue of the Michigan Voice
is being printed.
Ten years after he began it, Michael Moore
is moving to San Francisco.
What wouId you do?
I mean, this was San Francisco.
But San Francisco was on
the other side of the worId from FIint.
Everyone there had a job,
yet no one seemed to be working.
The cafes were fiIIed with peopIe
at 3.'00 p.m.
I was toId there's one restaurant
for every 44 peopIe in San Francisco...
but most of them
seemed to be dessert pIaces.
Trying to get a simpIe cup of coffee
became a nightmare for me.
Espresso, double espresso,
cappuccino, double cappuccino...
latte, double latte, mocha, double mocha...
caffe con panna, macchiato,
double macchiato...
caffe bianco, or house blend.
I was feeIing disoriented Iiving in a

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