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Ремо Уильямс: Приключение начинается

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He's ahead of the field, blazing in.
Lakers by seven!
This is Marv Albert from the Forum in LA.
And the Knicks in big trouble
as they move to the front court.
Going from right to left
Cummings takes the one-bounce.
A flip for King. It's batted away!
Magic Johnson on the steal!
He's down the left side and goes baseline!
He's trapped! Throws back out.
To Worthy. A head-fake,
now the jumper. It is good!
Only 10 seconds left.
The Lakers are burying the Knicks!
The Knicks have come back from the dead
before, but not tonight!
2L-16, Tack 2.
Come in, 2L-16.
Respond, 2L-16.
Sergeant Leary says to remind you,
you owe him $50 on tonight's game.
And that he'd be happy to take
your money on the Knicks anytime.
Come on!
Give it to him!
Where is it?
Give me what's mine, you understand?
It's mine and I want it now!
Look at this! Look what I found.
This is mine, baby.
All right, hands out of your pockets,
away from your body.
Suck wall!
Get your feet back. Back! And spread them!
All right, wider! I said, wider!
You ought to be ashamed of yourself,
picking on a guy half your size.
- Nice shot, kid!
- Good shot, Joey.
Hit him!
Don't move.
Don't even breathe.
We have come to mourn and honor
not only the passing of a friend...
but of a fine police officer.
An officer who was an example to us all.
Samuel Edward Makin died as he lived...
defending the American way.
That is why I feel more pride than sorrow.
For Samuel Makin made
the ultimate sacrifice.
He did so willingly...
and no man can hope to do more.
His body may be returned to the earth...
but his spirit will live forever.
We, your fellow officers...
salute you, Sam.
Your duty done...
may you rest in peace.
aim, fire!
I was shaving you.
Where am I?
Now don't worry.
Everything's going to be just fine.
That's not me!
What the hell have you done to me?
We did some work on you.
Just your face. Thank you, Nurse.
You'd better have had a damn good reason.
We did.
You were ugly.
Who's we?
You've been recruited
by an organization that doesn't exist.
Sam Makin is dead, pal.
Some nasty man shoved him
and his police cruiser into the East River.
I'm a pretty healthy corpse.
The operative word is "corpse."
You've got a new face, new fingerprints,
even a new name.
Remo Williams.
A lot of thought went into it.
We needed someone,
and you were the best we could find.
Decorated cop, ex-Marine,
no family, no commitments.
If I'm the best you can find,
you're in pretty deep shit, pal.
Who the hell are you, anyway?
FBI? CIA? Salvation Army?
Who we are, are the people
who got you by the balls, Remo.
Besides, we need you.
Our cops are corrupt, our judges
are bought, our politicians are up for sale.
Everywhere you look, slime is on the loose.
You're going to be
the Eleventh Commandment.
"Thou shalt not get away with it."
You're the guy that set me up
in that warehouse, ain't you?
Nice job.
The name's MacCleary.
We'll get to know each other.
Enjoy the fruit...
There you go, Mr. Mossler.
Soon you're gonna be
as snug as a little old bug in a rug.
Where the hell are you going
with my ambulance?
Turn left at the next intersection...
Don't get any cute ideas, Remo.
"National Bank"?
- What, are you opening an account for me?
- Let's go.
What do these things do?
Keep track of your wardrobe?
I thought they figured out a way
to make them smaller.
These are the smaller ones.
- Come in, Mr...
- Williams, Remo Williams.
Good evening, Mr. Williams.
I'm Harold Smith. I'm the head
of the organization that just recruited you.
You call dumping me in the river
and reshuffling my face recruitment?
Yep. It works. Sit down.
Come on, my boy.
I know your ribs are hurting
like a son of a bitch.
Ремо Уильямс: Приключение начинается

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