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ReidIf there's snot in my nose
she'll lick it clean.
Do you think she does it
for no reason?
What do you think?
Because of my pretty blue eyes?
And if I have a pain somewhere,
which God forbid...
...or a small wound...
...she knows without being told
and she licks it.
She probably heals with her saliva.
At least, that's what people say.
People say...
You know...
This is my message to everyone:
Leave each other in peace.
Let human beings develop
in a natural way.
What's up, my little ones?
I am coming, my darlings.
Granny is coming, little darlings.
In a minute, my darlings.
I'm on my way. Granny is coming.
Just look what you've done.
You naughty things.
You actors... For God's sake!
Let Granny get these flies off you.
They're eating you up
while you're still alive.
Shameless flies.
Keep still,
my little ray of sunshine.
My baby, my little cow.
My dearest, my little daughter!
You deserve twenty-five calves.
Get off!
Thank you, my darling.
Thank you, my daughter,
thank the Lord.
Thank you, my feeder.
Go away! Push off!
Or else...
My little daughter.
Thank you, my sunshine.
And you, off you go!
Oh, you want some milk too, do you?
Come on, Granny will give you some.
Oh, you're such a picture.
I'm here with my brother, Michael.
Why bother filming us?
We are just ordinary people. We just
live here, where the river begins.
There's nothing special about us.
Some women stay with one husband
and they go into old age together...
...hand in hand.
I buried the first,
I buried the second.
That was God's punishment.
I rejected a guy called Pavel
when I was young.
My mother was against it
and I didn't stand up to her.
It changed my whole destiny.
Now I'm suffering.
Seryozhka, get up!
Potatoes, dig yourselves up!
Oh, my God!
Dear brother, will you play?
And sister, will you sing?
People will envy us
watching us having fun.
Sit by my side, my darling.
They've got enough to eat.
Sit by my side.
To keep our hearts from aching.
Oh, damn.
- Don't swear, my darling.
Don't scold me, Mother...
...that I eat so much bread.
Will you sew me a white bag,
and you won't be fed up with me.
Why did you break the fence?
Why did you ruin my vegetable patch?
You rascal!
Go away.
You're a rascal.
You've broken everything...
...and now you expect
old Granny to repair it.
I am not going to describe
my character.
No way!
No-one is perfect.
I can't say I have no faults.
I can't say whether I'm good or bad.
I can't and no-one should.
No-one has the right to do that.
I don't know.
To some, I'm a friend,
and to others, I'm an enemy.
I forbid anyone to judge other people.
I forbid condemning
other people...
...on appearances.
Poor hedgehog!
Let's take him to the forest.
Poor hedgehog, poor thing.
Get off him.
Have a sweetie instead.
No? Not even a sweetie?
Granny will take him away.
Come on.
Let's put him back where he belongs.
I'll put him back in nature.
You want no sweet?
And I have only one with my tea.
Keep away from him.
Let's take him back home.
Let Granny take him home.
What do you want? He'll go home
or he will be crying.
I'll get you.
I'll give you your sweetie anyway.
Don't you want to have the sweetie?
Don't you bite my arm.
I'll keep it for myself then.
My daughter, you bit my elbow.
Anyway, I'll get you,
though you're stronger than me.
Don't you fall, my little shed.
Don't chase me...
...my dark-haired boy.
Just pull it down.
We'll pull down the fence
when the cabbages have gone.
There are no cabbages.
- But there is beetroot.
What beetroot?
It's been pulled out already.
Let the cows have the rest.
- No way! We haven't even...
...started on the beetroot yet.
The Czar came to check my work.
Peter the Great!
You say: ''Never mind me.
I've suffered.''
''But my grandchildren will have
a better life.'' No, I totally

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