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You lived with him when he was nothing.
You suffered his youth
and endured the years of struggle.
You're entitled to half
of everything he has.
I'm not married,
so I don't know what it's like...
to face the conclusion
of a decades-old relationship.
And I don't have children, so I can't say...
how the final disposition of the offspring
would impact me emotionally.
But I can say this much.
You have it within your means
to grind your husband into the ground.
I don't know if I want to go quite that far.
Mrs. Arnold, you came to me
because you wanted financial protection.
If you want sympathy,
you won't get it here.
You won't get emotion from me,
I'm not an emotional person.
What does grinding him
into the ground involve?
Going for his weakest spot.
He's a public man, a politician.
- You threaten his image.
- How?
We immediately begin documenting
his sexual improprieties.
That's awfully personal.
Table for two, please.
By the window, if you have it.
Tesio, go and notify Albert
that we have a situation.
I have no tables. They're all reserved.
Are you familiar with the city ordinance...
Title 2, Chapter 160, Section 010?
"All persons shall have equal access
to public services," and so forth and so on.
In short, I have every right
to be in this restaurant.
Not so long as that restaurant
has a dress code...
- and that dress code requires a tie...
- Tie? Right here.
Well, I guess it's time for me
to be moving on. Thank you very much...
I don't need the help. It's not necessary.
No, no!
Why don't you pick on someone
your own size, you big, ugly chump?
Mrs. Arnold dropped by
to say hello on her way out.
She looked like she'd seen a ghost.
What did you do?
Told her what her options are.
I don't think she wants
to destroy her husband...
and I don't want this firm being known
for ruining Frank Arnold.
Don't tell me how to do my work.
Go easy on this divorce,
or I'll put another attorney on it.
Who are you trying to protect?
A law firm, a wife, kids...
Things you know nothing about, Grey,
and I feel sorry for you.
- Well, don't lose too much sleep.
- Hey, lighten up!
You keep going at 190 miles an hour,
you're going to hit something.
All right, take this stick...
and I want you to crack me
right on the top of the head, all right?
Forget it.
Honey, you have to do it.
It's not going to hurt me, I swear.
We talked about this
all the way from Detroit.
Yeah, but that was talking.
Talking is different than doing.
Right, and if it wasn't, we could
talk our way into a million dollars...
and a nice high-rise penthouse.
We have to do the doing,
not the talking. Come on.
- You're going to cry.
- Have you ever seen me cry, honey?
- No, but I've seen you sad.
- That's not crying, is it?
You can cry and not feel sad,
just like you can feel sad and not cry.
Now, come on.
We've got to hurry with this.
We've got things to do, all right?
Now, however much you love me...
that's how hard you hit me, okay?
- I love you a lot.
- Well, then...
the harder you hit me,
the more I know you love me.
- Okay.
- That a girl.
All right.
You killed my daddy!
This is a goddamn joke.
She's looking at us.
Give her the $25 smile.
Where in the name of all that's holy
have you been?
I hit a man with my car.
I almost had that lady's purse,
but you blew it.
- I had it right in my hand.
- Tough. We don't steal.
But we cheat.
- A little, but we don't steal.
- We lie.
A little more than we cheat,
but that's not right, either.
It's because of the times.
Right, we don't steal,
and we don't break any laws.
- Some laws we do.
- Not the good ones.
Stay there. I'll come get you.
This stinks like trouble.
God, I don't need this. Where are you?
Rocky Feller's House of Beef, on Randolph.
Did anyone see you enter?
I don't think so.
I'll be there right away.
All done.
You should have joined us, ma'am.
Wasn't that was a

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