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MontrealArt Co-op "Ekran" presents
- Stop, you pile of rot! Stop!
Come back, mouldy!
- Grandpa! And Baba Yaga,
is she good or bad?
- Everything in the forest
serves a purpose.
That helps keep things in order.
- Is that her?
- Indeed, she's at it again.
- This is not in order.
- You made things not in order again!
- Tree demons don't command me.
Nor my hut, for that matter.
- You need a caretaker.
- A caretaker!
- To keep your house in order.
- To keep it in order!
- Yes.
- What caretaker?
House caretaker?
I need a house elf!
"House Elf Adventures"
Based on tales by T.Aleksandrova
- Kuzma!
- Come on, Nafanya...
- A human is supposed to be
a house elf's master!
- Ouch!
- Pots aren't washed...
...floor isn't swept...
...pans aren't scrubbed!
- I'm on it, I'm on it!
- Oh, gracious! What a mess!
- Oh dear, oh dear.
What a calamity.
- Kuzya!
- Over here!
- The room needs sweeping.
- Already on it.
- Nafanya! I'll be good, I swear!
- Hey, watch out!
- What sort of a bird are you?
- I'm Kuzya! A house elf!
We bring luck, we do!
- Interesting. I wonder who got lucky.
- Why are you trying to scare me?
- What kind of strange beastie are you?
- I'm a tree demon!
- You're lying.
Tree demons have huge teeth,
and a belly that hangs out.
- Who's got a belly hanging out? Me?
- Grandpa! He's calling me names!
- What's this? Who's not sleeping?
That's not right.
- Let me go!
You big monster!
- Quiet. Settle down.
- Settle down!
- Ganging up, huh?
I come from a long line of house elves!
- That explains why you are so wild.
- Take pity on a poor homeless orphan!
On the streets since my early days!
Always hungry, always sleepy...
Not sleeping enough, I mean.
- Help yourself.
- Yuck, this is disgusting. Yuck!
I want some pancakes. With sour-cream.
- What's that?
- I want to go home to Nafanya!
Get me out of here, quick!
- You shouldn't wake him up!
You'll have to wait till spring.
- What do you mean, till spring?
With rations like that, till spring?
- You can hibernate with us!
- Hiber- what now?
- Sleep through the winter.
Like so...
...then like so...
...and then like so.
- What, no supper, then?
- If it's not too much trouble...
...wake me up on March 30th.
Some time morning-ish.
- When you wake up in spring...
...poor Kuzya will be already dead.
From cold and hunger.
- Kuzya, my baby!
- I'm not your baby, grandma.
- You are! My beloved baby!
Let's run now.
- Where?
- My place!
I have a new samovar, silver spoons,
sugar muffins!
We'll have a cup of tea...
if we catch it!
- Grab on, Kuzya!
- Hit the brakes!
- Listen up, hut! Stop, one-two!
Dig in.
- My general!
Just like his grandma.
- Stove ain't been lit.
Pots ain't been washed.
Pan ain't been scrubbed!
- Here you go, my precious!
If you're done with bagels,
then try a few buns.
- What did I say?
I said I wanted some cheese tarts.
And what did you bake?
You baked it, now you eat it.
- Oh, I'm so sorry, pet!
I got it all wrong again.
The cheese tarts will be
ready in a bit, treasure!
Worse than a dog.
- I hear you got lucky!
- Those are shameless lies.
- Lucky! Baba Yaga got lucky!
- Kuzya! Kuzya!
Come out.
I give up!
My unbeatable one!
- Kuzya! Don't scare your
grandma like that.
- What's with him?
- That's our Kuzya going sugar crazy.
Soon he'll crash and then
it's sleepy time.
- Can's stand freeloaders.
- I don't feel so good.
I feel like I want something,
but don't know what.
- A good spanking!
- Maybe I'll go clean the rugs
while the snow is fresh.
- You'll get your handsies and footsies
cold! Freeze your poor nosey off!
- Grandma... Is spring coming soon?
- Whenever the tree demons awake, pet.
- When spring comes...
...they'll lead me out of the woods.
- Well, we'll see about that, won't we.
- Oh yeah, spring will come.
I'll make them sleep
for a hundred years.
- This is good life.
- Indeed.
- Any news? Is spring coming
this year or


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