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Ray, where are you going?
Come back to bed.
Watch it,
you miserable little...
'Morning, Walter!
Good girl. Their lawn
needed fertilizing anyway.
I am your war machine
Yes, I am your ghetto scene
Well, I am
your love of money
'Cause I found me
a little honey
- I'm working for the machine
- Good morning, Lieutenant.
Mrs Rumsfield.
Hi, Ricky.
I'm working
for the machine, baby
Oh, Mr Rumsfield, be careful.
- Goddam it.
- Uh-oh.
Walter. Walter!
- Walter!
- I love that dude.
- Walter! Walter!
- Mark!
What are you doing up?
Walter's dog just took a dump
on Rumsfield's lawn again.
Good, honey.
I know you're in there,
old man!
- Honey, honey, the neighbours.
- Listen up, mister.
That piece of scum,
barking rat of yours...
has just taken
his last dump on my lawn!
I find one more... just one... I'm gonna
catch him and staple his ass shut!
- I'm gonna do it right now.
- No, no, no! Honey, don't.
Come on. Let's go home.
Hey, honey, I think we should move.
We got an arms dealer across the street
and a crazy person down it.
All they do is fight.
Is this sweet enough?
Now these new next-door neighbours...
What is their name?
- The Klopeks?
- Mm-hmm.
- Is that a Slavic name?
- I don't know.
They've been here a month. Think they're
gonna do something about their yard?
Are you gonna eat any of this?
Oh, no. I got that thing
with my stomach again.
I wonder what was going on
over there last night.
- I knew this was gonna happen.
- What?
- Nothing.
- What did you know
It's started already.
Look at you.
You're gonna sit around
all week doing nothing...
get bored out of your mind and go
back to work worse than you are now.
No, I'm not.
Please, let's pack up the car and go
to the lake. Just get away and rest.
You should see yourself. You were
up at dawn watching a dog poop.
You call going up
to the lake resting?
It is four hours of driving
on the tollway in holiday traffic...
to sit in some dank,
wet cabin...
and wait for that neighbour
with the enormous head...
to get drunk and fall down.
He's a hydrocephalic. I don't think
that you should make fun of him.
that's not my idea of restful.
This is restful: Hanging around
the house, just being lazy.
That's what I want to do.
I just wanna... hang around.
Be lazy,
listen to the ball game...
and drink a couple hundred beers.
Smoke an occasional cigar...
I'll fix the barbecue in the backyard.
I'll do that.
This is what I need, Carol.
I need... this.
And at the end of the week,
I'll be a brand new human being.
It's your vacation.
Shh! Quiet.
Art's got a gun.
 Hey, hi, Ray.
Are you guys eatin'in there?
You know how Suzette
is about her bird feeder.
These crows start showing up
out of nowhere.
She's all over my back
to get rid of'em.
"The crows are too big
for the bird feeder," she says.
- I don't remember seeing crows
around here before.
That's why I got the gun.
I'm gonna pop a few.
Why didn't you go with
Suzette to her mother's?
Hey, I'm eating here. Can you imagine me
and the two of them alone for a week?
I'd rather chew broken glass.
Uh-uh, this is gonna be a big week
for the bachelor kid.
How come you're not at work, Ray?
- I took the week off.
- A week off?
That's great. Are you guys
going to the lake or something?
- No, the backyard.
- Backyard?
I just want to hang around
the house and relax.
Relax? Good luck with those maniacs
you got living next door.
- Have you met the Klopeks yet?
- No.
No, I haven't.
Nobody on the block has.
But I did talk to the real estate broad
that sold them the place.
Apparently, their last house
only burnt to the ground.
- Really?
- Yep.
A hideous, raging inferno.
Neighbours from hell.
Whatever it is, I'm glad I'm not
the one who lives right

- - III

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