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"Soyuzmultfilm" Presents
"Winnie-Pooh Goes Visiting"
With original text and new translation
Boris Zakhoder, Fedor Khitruk
Directed by: Fedor Khitruk
Music: Moissei Vainberg
Art directors:
Vladimir Zuikov, Eduard Nazarov
Camera: M. Druyan
Sound: George Martynuk
Animators: S. Zhutovskaya,
E. Maslova, Maria Motruk, I. Podgorsky,
Gennady Sokolsky, V. Ugarov
Voices: Winnie-Pooh: Yevgeny Leonov,
Piglet: Iya Savvina, Rabbit - A. Schukin
From the author: Vladimir Ossenev
CHAPTER TWO, In Which Pooh Goes Visiting
And Gets Into a Tight Place
One of these mornings, when
the breakfast had long been over
and lunch time hasn't even begun yet,
Winnie-Pooh was leisurely strolling
with his friend Piglet,
Composing a new ditty (little song).
- Pam-pam!
- No, that's not it.
- Prum-tah-tum...
- Tah-tum!
- No, still not it.
- Proom-pooh-poom-pooh-poom...
- Pooh-poom!
- Tram-papam-param-tah-rum. Trampumpum...
- Poom-Poom.
- Why don't we go visiting?
- Visiting?
- Right. I just thought to myself,
why don't we go visiting?
... to have a little snack.
- Who goes visiting friends
in the morning?
- Who visits friends in the morning?
Wait a moment...
The one who visits friends at dawn,
Taram-param, param-taram!
The one who visits friends at dawn,
Is wiser than the rest!
Its known so well, taram-param,
Such timing is the best!
- Such timing is the best!
And where are we going?
- To visit you, of course.
The boring evening time has come 
Our hosts are yawning loudly,
But when the morning guest arrives,
They serve up breakfast gladly!
- They serve up breakfast gladly!
- Do you have anything to eat?
- I have another balloon.
- No, on a second thought, we won't go visiting you.
'Cause, in that case, I'd be going on a visit,
... but you wouldn't.
- Aha. Let's visit you then.
When morning guest decides to stay
(He's not in any hurry),
Hosts shout: Hooray! Youve made their day!
They're glad and very happy.
- They're glad and very happy.
- Wait a moment, now it turns out
I am not going on a visit.
- So what do we do?
... Pooh! It seems I've got it!
Let's visit... someone else.
Its not for nothing that the sun
Goes visiting at morning time,
Taram-param, param-taram,
Always go visiting at dawn!
Taram-param, param-taram,
Always go visiting at dawn!
- Aha. If I know anything about anything,
- That hole means burrow.
- Aha.
- And burrow means Rabbit.
- Aha.
- And Rabbit means Good Company.
- And Good Company means ...
- ... it means Food.
- Hey! Is anybody at home?
What I said was,
'Hey! Is anybody at home?'
- NO-O-O! You needn't shout so loud!
I heald you quite well the filst time.
- Bother! Isn't there anybody here at all?
- Nobody at all.
- It can't be.
There must be somebody else,
Because somebody must
have said: 'nobody at all'.
Hallo, Rabbit, isn't that you?
- No, not me.
- Well, could you very kindly tell me
where Rabbit is?
- He has gone to see his
gleat fliend Pooh Beal.
- Oh! But this is Me.
- What solt of Me?
Thele ale diffelent solts of Me!
- Me means I - Winnie-Pooh.
- Ale you sule?
- Quite, quite sure.
- Winnie-Pooh indeed.
And... who is this?
- And this is Piglet.
- Piglet indeed.
Oh well, then, come it.
- By the way, the doolmat says:
"Wipe your feet".
[Pretends to read] - Wipe-your-feet...
Aha, got it.
It's not such a simple matter - the visiting business.
When we enter, the most
important thing is to pretend...
...that we don't want anything...
- Aha.
- Hallo, Rabbit!
We were just coming by...
- Pelhaps you will come in,
since you wele coming by, anyway?
- Oh yes.
- As I said, we were just coming by
and I thought to myself, why don't we visit...
... Rabbit.
Pooh has already started to worry,
but Rabbit was very smart
and figured out himself
it was a time for a little snack.
- The wash-stand is ovel thele.
- Pooh, would you like honey
or condensed milk with your blead?
- Would you

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