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Yuri Nevgamonny
Nina Ruslanova
Inga Doronina
Bella Sajdakovskaja
Where are you going?
Wait in line!
- Mister, you can't come in here!
- Don't worry, this is a co-worker.
It's about my mother, Rita.
Do you have her medical history card?
Yes, I do. She has an appointment
in two days.
She won't come, Rita.
Neither in two days, nor later.
Lyuba, you remember her, don't you?
You don't remember her?
No, I didn't really know her.
It's just so sad to hear these words...
So sad...
- When did it happen?
- Last night.
The last few years mother always slept
with a half-opened mouth.
Her breathing was broken.
This is not unusual with elderly
as you know.
In such moments I imagined that
my mother had died and now...
when she's really dead...
I imagine that she's just sleeping.
I'm sorry, Grigoriy.
You didn't have to say that.
But really, everybody knew her here,
she retired only 10 years ago.
And then she often came here to visit.
Rita, thats not how it was.
She only came to see you and
only with health problems.
I'll tell everyone anyway. Maybe somebody
will want to go to the funeral.
At least we'll order a funeral wreath
from the hospital staff.
No need to do that. I'll order a wreath
on their behalf myself.
I'll be attending a seminar tomorrow...
I understand, you'll visit us when you can.
It doesn't really matter anymore.
What about your wife?
She won't be too happy, will she?
She's never too happy, Rita.
The certificate!
Sorry, I forgot.
Here is her passport.
That grey one over there.
And the death certificate form.
What time did your mother die?
I'm not sure. Around 5 am.
I put down heart failure
as the cause of death.
Yes, that's what it was.
It doesn't matter.
We have a new hospital registrar;
she doesn't know you.
- I'll legalize the documents myself.
- Ok, I'll wait for you downstairs.
You can dress.
I'll be back in 15 minutes.
Rita, I'll go to the registrar.
I have to leave early anyway.
- I'll just change.
- Come over.
Lie down.
Your hands.
Relax, breath.
Any complaints?
Doctor, I'm so ill!
I have gastritis, ulcer, migraine...
Put your hands on your chest,
bend your legs...
How is your liver?
- I have cholecystitis.
- Does it hurt here?
- Yes.
- Does it irradiate?
- You're tickling me!
- Calm down.
Excuse me.
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
You can legalize the death certificate
at the registrar's office.
And these papers are all you need
to make funeral arrangements.
Thank you.
- Want some?
- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm going that way.
Good bye.
Where is your kitten?
I don't see it around.
We had to give it away.
It was playing with its mother's tail
all the time.
She stopped caring for the kitten
when it turned four.
And began avoiding it.
But the kitten still kept running
after her and grabbing her tail.
That would make her angry and
she'd wag her tail even more.
And the kitten, seeing her wagging her tail,
would try to play with it even harder.
She'd get even angrier and
wag her tail even more.
So she started biting the kitten
and scratching its eyes out.
She wanted to destroy it,
she began to hate it.
So we had to give it away.
Who's there?
It's me, mom.
Open the door.
Who's there?
It's me, mom.
Open the door.
Just a moment.
Script by: Boris Hersonski
Directed by: Kira Muratova
Cinematography by: Gennadi Karyuk
Production Design by: Eugenie Golubenko
Film Editing by: Tamara Denisova
Sound Department: Yefim Turetsky
Costume Design by: Ruslan Khvastov
Makeup Department: Viktoriya Kurnosenko

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