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Эта весёлая планета

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I am X
we go for a rapprochement with unknown body.
Y you are ready?
well, yes i am y.
One more galaxy on periphery.
Well also that.
I saw many these unknown planetary bodies
And on this ball I see also the nature is not destroyed.
Here it seems there is no civilization.
Probably here there is no reasonable a being similar to us.
But for something this planet exists.
I here! - I am Zed!!!
I ready always to all !!!
It is possible to get used already! Has passed seven thousand light years!!!
Before landing,
take food for a month forward!
But we after all ate 2 weeks ago?!
Well another month forward voltage
Will not be worse)
That's lunch :)
And so remember on a masquerade from me do not depart on a step.
- But why?)
Yes because with these masks always the same history)
The person goes to dance with Beauty Vasilissa, and it is then found out that the present witch!(
I thought about something else.
I refuse to you I will obey and remain at home, from a window I will observe a holiday,
I will look in this pipe)
But no look at she, and on a star)
By the way one star falls, you can think of desire.
I wish that you have immediately gone with me.
it' s impossible
this delirium O_o
Has really come true - Woow
And so as it happens.
Here this historical moment)
i wait you?
Go down, I will look behind conditions!
Companions aliens)?
Similar here there is nobody live (no civilisations).
I suggest to analyse a powder underfoot.
I remind!
The most risky experiments are spent on invaluable members of crew!
That I only did not try in the Universe :)
Wow- look at O_O
It has started up juice.
Because of that that you it have strongly compressed it!
The reasonable being is similar - look at O_o
To bang it for fidelity!
No, no)
Can they occupy a planet.
Look colleagues, at it a reasonable sight.
What large head, it likely very clever.
The unknown friend
We have come with the world on your planet.
Similar understands.
Has departed to report.
but no,no,no!
It shows to us road.
Follow Me! Follow He!
Ну, это дает блин:)
Your small town is not great, but they will wait for me.
Not the problem to amuse your people)))
Here was probem me with a costume masquerade.
There were problems?
At first I wished Electronom to put on
Whom? - Electronom)!
Has then solved that electrone negatively charged unit!
For parade it is not necessary likely
Then I think, and I will put on synchrophasatronom!
It will be heavy to have fun
Also has thought up ingeniously whom I will put on!
Perpetuum mobile
-Excuse what you said?
Perpetuum mobile
Super costume!!
And they will understand though?
Yes you do not worry, at us the people, - fish catches thinking about the probability theory
you fun!
I congratulate colleagues.
Such various fauna we see for the first time
-Similar as last time! O_o
I do not understand that is necessary for these monsters from us?
-Can slap them!!! all them
no,do no not this!
I think colleagues we have arrived incorrectly.
They pursue us with any purpose
It is very a pity that you have not allowed to me them to slam
I feel that to us has carried) O_o
It is possible to think we were born in survival suits
Get acquainted,Staff of our carnival:
the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.
sorry, no today)
Just Pinno-kio.
-The wooden little man.
Very pleasantly)
Schoenobins gigantellus.
Whether it the foreigner that?
No-this name of my costume)
Just a butterfly)
There similar doctors of sciences and academicians?
No, at us different people have gathered.
Seamen, the carpenter, different workers
and hero)
Tell to me the truth what for I here?
-You like as the inventor!
The died out mammoth - I
I think I to you is necessary for laughter?-No, not for fun)
Really there is nobody to laugh more?
What for they there have gathered?
Can they now decide as to finish with us?
It would be necessary
Эта весёлая планета

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