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Александр маленький

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EndGorky Film Studio
DEFA Film Studio
in association with
Screenplay by
Valentin YEZHOV
Vladimir YEZHOV
Vladimir FOKlN
Directed by
Vladimir FOKlN
Director of Photography
Sergey FlLlPPOV
Production Designer
Music by
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Captain Tsvetov - Boris TOKAREV
Sergeant Chrishchanowitch
Private Kurykin
Pinsel - Olaf SCHNElDER
Also starring
Tessa - Ute LUBOSCH
Hubner - Gerry WOLFF
Friedel - Walfriede SCHMlTT
Rusanov - Nikolai SKOROBOGATOV
lrmgard - Jana LENZ
Martha - Brit BAUMANN
Ralle - Stefan MARTH
Felix - Andreas GUTOWSKl
Gerd Michael HENNEBERG
Flechsig - Harald WARMBRUNN
Stop, Kurykin.
Pull over.
Park it here.
Well, girls, how you doing?
Comrade Sergeant,
how about some grub?
- You starved?
- Sure.
On the bank Katyusha stepped out...
Here, the very last, the sweetest.
That's it, guys.
We've run out of it.
ln an hour.
ln ein hour.
Alright, then.
Everyone be here in an hour.
Come here.
Come, don't be afraid.
One moment.
All right, bitte now.
Shall we roll?
We're being transferred, Akimych.
Who's transferred?
They're sending me
to Berlin, to a newspaper.
They say they need people
who know the language.
So we're parting, right?
No such luck.
l did my best trying to get rid of you.
No, they say,
comrade captain, you'll need...
...a driver anyway.
And without the sergeant...
What without the sergeant?
Without the sergeant, they say,
the newspaper will never come out.
Yes, it's a real pity.
Comrade Captain.
The new appointment calls for a drink.
What's this?
lt's their schnapps. l've tasted it
personally. lt's quite drinkable.
What a bouquet!
So you drink it personally, Kurykin.
Why? l like it.
Oh, she's got company there.
Shall we go and get acquainted?
Akimych has already
signed them up for rations.
Let's go, huh?
Bon appetite, Fraulein.
Thank you.
May we come in?
Are you living here?
No, we're just staying,
we're refugees.
What's your name, boy?
He's scared, silly.
He's my brother Peter.
And l'm lrmgard.
Shut up.
l didn't say anything wrong.
Drop it, kid.
Drop it, it doesn't suit you.
He got hit by hot tar
during a bombing raid.
Kurykin, give him your forage cap.
We'll get you a new one.
Sure you'll get it.
All right.
Do you have parents?
Father was killed in Russia by yours.
Do you have any idea what
he was doing there?
And Mother's buried over there,
by the road. We're refugees.
Stop whimpering.
So you're orphans.
No family at all?
Do you have any relatives?
Yes, in Berlin.
Uncle Manfred and our aunt.
You're lucky.
Do you want to go with us?
They have relatives in Berlin.
Shall we take them along?
l'm not going.
You want us to be sent to Siberia?
You silly.
l'd love to go to Siberia.
But l got a lot of work here.
Let's go.
Greetings, beautiful!
How can we get downtown?
Go there, straight ahead.
Get rolling, Kurykin.
Greetings, Comrade Captain.
Are they yours?
Don't they look like me?
- Not exactly.
- You don't say.
- Do you have any of your own?
- Not yet.
Don't despair, we'll have some born.
lf you wish,
we can let you have one.
Thanks, l'll manage on my own.
You can never do it on your own.
Are all of your
subordinates so knowledgeable?
l'm ready.
lt's no good to be late.
lt's already 4 minutes after 9.
l'm sorry, Tessa. The edition
was delayed. Let's go.
lt'd be good to live with
someone like her.
She'll feed you on time,
she'll put you to bed on time.
And she'll do on time everything else.
- Me, for example...
- Kurykin!
- What?
- Spare us your examples.
Wait for me here.
Really, Kurykin.
l spare no effort teaching you
to be cultured.
Why is it always Kurykin?
l want you to do something.
This place,
Александр маленький

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