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Неоконченная пьеса для механического пианино

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Based on the works
by A.P. Chekhov
Written by
Directed by Nikita MIKHALKOV
Director of Photography
Production Designers:
Music by Eduard ARTEMYEV
Sound by Valentin BOBROVSKY
English Subtitles
by T. Kameneva
Mikhail Vassilyevich Platonov -
Alexander KALYAGIN
Sophia Yegorovna - Yelena SOLOVEY
Sashenka - Yevgenia GLUSHENKO
Anna Petrovna Voinitseva -
Sergey Pavlovich Voinitsev -
Pavel Petrovich Shcherbuk -
Porfiry Semyonovich Glagolyev -
Ivan Ivanovich Triletsky -
Nikolai Ivanovich Triletsky -
Gerasim Kuzmich Petrin -
Verochka - Natalya NAZAROVA
Lizochka - Xenia MININA
Yakov - Sergey NIKONENKO
Petechka - Seryozha GURYEV
Do you remember the Kalitins?
Ksyusha Kalitina, that plump girl...
I had an affair with her
which was even more annoying.
I kept calling on them,
putting her mother to great expenses
in terms of coffee.
We took walks on shady paths.
I was young and timid then.
So once they made me stay
for the night.
Well, I stayed for the night.
I went to bed.
And in the middle of the night,
you know...
The door opens,
and an old woman appears in my room.
She was about eighty, absolutely deaf,
and with an enema bag in her hands.
And, pardon me,
she gave me an enema.
I didn't resist. I decided
it was a custom at their house.
And in the morning I found out
that she just got the wrong room.
After that, of course, I stopped
visiting them as a suitor.
- And what's even more funny...
- It's neither funny, nor proper!
Thank you! My flesh is yearning for
a smoke. I haven't smoked today yet.
Last winter at the opera
I saw a young man cry
under the impact of beautiful music.
- Do you think it's good?
- It's very good.
Then tell me, please,
why the ladies and gentlemen
around him were smiling?
Smiling at what?
- Porfiry Semyonovich.
- I'm listening.
It's them, simple people like him,
are the keepers of morality.
In them is the salvation of our idea.
You're stepping on his foot.
In our time people lived differently,
they loved differently.
We loved women
like gallant knights.
We treated them differently,
we saw in them the best person.
And the woman, Sergey Pavlovich,
is the best person.
Why cheat?
How did that pawn get here?
You put that pawn here.
- Oh, yes, pardon.
- That's right, pardon.
In our time one was ready to go
into fire for one's friends.
And what do we have now?
Now we have firemen
to go into fire.
Let's get serious, however. What
I was talking about the other day...
I see the national idea
as a kind of cloud
filled with a life-giving moisture
ready to irrigate the fields of
culture sown with the seeds of
Maman doesn't like it...
Poor Russia, our kind country.
Come here, nice dog.
Come here, my little doggie.
Oh, how she whistles, my God!
Just like a mouzhik.
An amazing woman.
Are you going to make your move?
I'm bored, let's finish it later.
When she's winning,
she wouldn't budge.
As soon as she begins to lose,
she's bored.
Anna Petrovna, it's not fair,
let's continue.
Or I'll consider you the loser.
Well, you may consider so.
In that case, you owe me 3 rubles.
With your previous debt, 10.
When may I have the honor of
collecting that money, good woman?
When will the Gypsies be here at last?
Nikolai Ivanovich, I...
I don't like it!
Maman, tell him!
Shall I consider you my debtor
or you'll pay right away?
Sergel, give to this God's fool
ten rubles.
But, maman...
I don't know...
When father was alive...
I don't know...
I'd better go and drink some wine.
The gentry! They're worse than
No hygiene! Drowning a chair!
So the woman is the best person,
Porfiry Semyonovich?
The best.
You're a great lover of women,
Неоконченная пьеса для механического пианино

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