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Посылка с Марса

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Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year! Thank you!
- Thank you!
Natalia Vadimovna, how
did you like Amsterdam?
Nothing special. On feels good
there feels here a bitworse.
Naturally. It's winter...
By the way, Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
- Yes?
- It's me.
Oh, Nastya... Hello,
darling! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year. Sasha,
I justwant to say...
Nastya, I'm late, I terrifically late!
Darling, won'twe meet at my place
tonight, at 10 p.m., as we've arranged...
See you! Kiss.
- Hello, Nastya, it's you?
- First of all, this is not Nastya but Lyuda!
And then, Samokhin, are you still there?
Have you no shame? I'm
nearly frozen to death!
I'm coming! In a minute, in a minute.
Hurry up, oryou'll work alone!
In a minute! Bye!
- Have you seen that?
- What?
- Well, right now, in the sky...
- Sorry, I haven't.
Funny, but I have.
- Hello!
- Sasha, it's me!
Nastya, can't you imagine,
I've seen a comet right now!
Sasha, I wouldn't come to you
place today to meet New Year.
Nastya, what has happened?
Well, it's OK, we'll speak later, ok?
Wait, Nastya, well, I've bought
a heap of yummiest things!
I've decorated the New Yeartree... Almost
have. I've bought a present foryou!
Nastya, well, what has happened?
Sasha, you are nice,
good, kind, the best -
but I'll explain everything
later, not today, kiss, bye.
Nastya, wait a second! Nastya!
Funny. Well.
Hello, Natalia Vadimovna.
- What's this?
- Eduard Gavrilovich told me to put on this...
- Who?
- No, Eduard Kirillovich! As the New Year...
- The yearof a rooster...
- I see...
- Natalia Vadimovna, hello.
- Hello.
- Well, you see, here we have some problems...
- Can't you wait until I put off my furcoat!
- Where's Edic?
- Somewhere upstairs.
I see.
- Edic to my office.
- Yes, Natalia Vadimovna.
You're late, Samokhin! I'm
nearly turned into Miss Frost!
No problem! I'll kiss
you and you'll be ok!
Oh my God, Samokhin, can't you think
of anything else but ofkissing?
- Frankly speaking?
- No, don't you, orI'll kill you!
Oh, only afterthe job. Kids do need me.
Natalia Vadimovna, I'm here! Welcome!
Come, come here!
Natalia Vadimovna, has something
happened? Natalia Vadimovna!
- Edic! What's this?
- Well... A security guard!
- A security guard?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Well, to all appearances...
- Well, it's a fancy dress!
- Fancy what?
- Fancy dress. A rooster.
- Oh, a rooster.
Well, the yearof a
rooster, Natalia Vadimovna!
You see, undermy
conception, every guest
of ourclub would be surrounded
by some cock's elements...
- Cock's elements?
- Well, rooster's.
Rooster's. Well, what are you?
- Who, me?
- Can't you remember?
You are an design-manager.
You are managing
- ...a matterof design.
- Well, that's right.
And you, to all appearances,
looks like I-wouldn't-say-who.
Oh, Natalia Vadimovna,
just don't keep silence!
No, Natalia Vadimovna,
well, my taste of art is OK,
but my conception...
You see, I am a bit doubting
about yourtaste of art.
Take all this staff off.
And in a 15 minutes all these
birds should be out there.
- Out of my club.
- Natalia Vadimovna! Please! Why are you so...
Well, I do like it- simple but
pretty... I guess.
- Lyuda, wait a minute!
- Samokhin, hurry up!
The number is currently
unavailable. Please call back later.
- Whom are you calling all the time?
- Nobody. Let's go.
Give back my bag... So...
- Hello.
- Happy New Year!
Good heavens! Miss Frost!
...A sketch with some animals.
They were actors dressed
up as animals, you see...
Excuse me, please, you see...
Yes. So excuse me please,
thank you very much.
Bestwishes, goodbye, so long,
thank you, goodbye, if you please.
- Shit! Where's Edic?
- I've seen him upstairs.
- And some desserts...
- If you please... Thank you.
Edic, was it you who included Lilliputian
circus in the New Yearperformance?
- Yes.
- Why not Olympic swimming team?
- Oh, was I to?
Посылка с Марса

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