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Нашествие похитителей тел

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There's some more flowers, kids.
Go pick 'em.
That's a pretty one!
- I don't have one.
- Well, go look for one, over there.
Oh, that's beautiful. Let me look at that.
Let me look at that!
Now you can take them home
to your parents. Don't they smell nice!
Too much trouble to pick the mail up
off the floor, Geoffrey?
Look at this flower.
All right! Attaway!
You know, I think I actually
found something rare.
- This plant. I think it's a grex.
- A what?
G-R-E-X. That's when
two species cross-pollinate
and produce a third
completely unique one.
And listen to this:
"Epilobic, from the Greek epi: upon,
and lobos: a pod."
"Many of the species are dangerous
weeds and should be avoided."
In the garden.
See? Look how quickly it roots.
"Their rapid and widespread growth
was even observed
in many of the war-torn cities of Europe."
"lndeed, some of these plants
may thrive on devastated ground."
Why don't we go up to Vail
for the weekend? Fly up Friday, hm?
OK, maybe. Sure.
Geoffrey! I'm trying to read!
You're in a good mood.
Well, I got something
to look forward to tonight - playoffs.
- What?
- I'm reading.
OK! I'll put the earphones on.
There, see? Happy?
Never mind. I'll go downstairs.
Comment? Qui est lа?
Who is it?
Department of Health.
Bonsoir, Monsieur Bennell.
How nice to see you.
What is that supposed to be?
It is cervelles en matelote.
In English, what would I be eating
if I ate that?
- Ah. Calves' brains in red wine.
- Red wine and what else?
Mais, c'est impossible. It's impossible.
It's a secret, Mr Bennell.
You don't have any secrets
from the Department of Health, Henri.
A good young Burgundy, brown stock,
thyme, parsley - just a sprig.
Capers,... a fresh bay leaf, and garlic.
- That's all?
- Oui. Yes.
- What is that?
- A caper.
Do you presume to tell us
what is in this stock?
- It's a rat turd.
- A what?
A rat turd.
- A caper!
- A rat turd.
A caper!
If it's a caper,
eat it.
I'm gonna bring you up
for permit revocation, Henri.
You're charging way too much
to be serving crap like that in here.
But, Monsieur, it is an accident.
You know how careful we are.
- Elizabeth?
- Yes.
- Wake you up?
- No. Hi, Matthew.
- They busted the window of my car.
- Oh, no!
Threw a bottle of wine at it -
not even good wine.
The Warriors won,
so I guess your household's happy.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, nothing.
If you go to sleep now,
you can get up early.
Oh, Matthew...
If you can come in at 7.30,
you can run the tests before 8 o'clock.
Stop! Matthew... stop.
I'm not coming in before 8 o'clock
- in the morning!
- I gotta force the abatement hearing.
- Wednesday's their only free slot.
- No, Matthew!
I will not be there before eight!
I nominated you for
Civil Servant ofthe Year award.
It's true. I think you'll win.
OK, OK, OK. I'll be in at 7.30.
I'll run a salmonella test for you.
Thank you. See you in the morning.
Good night. I'll see you in the morning.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Geoffrey, my God!
How long have you been up?
Not long.
What are you doing?
I wanna throw the book at him. Those
scallops are just cut-up pieces of skate.
I'm sorry. I can start the tests right away.
It's OK...
And something's wrong with the potato.
Either the sour cream is phoney,
or the chives.
I'm sorry. I got up on time.
It was Geoffrey.
- What did the mad dentist do this time?
- I don't know. He was just weird.
He's crazy. All dentists are crazy.
- Are you late?
- No.
He was weird not the way he usually is.
That can only be an improvement.
Well, it's not. It's got me really nervous.
Tell him to shape up or get out.
- It's his house.
- Make him an offer.
- Here's something that'll cheer you up.
- What?
Ever seen one of these up close?
- What is it?
- What does it look like?
- A caper?
- A caper?
What is it?
- A rat turd, but the sauce was delicious.
- I
Нашествие похитителей тел

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