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Don't... don't
cut me with that.
Stop your blubbering.
If I wanted you dead,
you'd be dead already.
Where's my urn?
Make me look for it
and I'll take you to places
you never thought pain can go.
And I'll take my time.
I think I know what you're
looking for in the wall safe.
Easy, easy.
She's been cooped
up a long time.
I tried the front door.
It was locked.
You're a dead man.
Hey, you can
look, but don't touch.
You are really
starting to piss me off.
And you?
You see that?
I sure did.
Adam's going to be pissed.
Months go by with
nothing weird to report.
Then everything goes to hell.
In the last week we've
seen teenaged girls burst
into flames in gym class...
What the hell
were you two thinking?
If I hadn't tracked
you down, then what?
Ashlocke was already gone
by the time you got there.
And tonight, somebody
just strolled through Neal
Varadi's web of security,
brutally murdering the
mega-billionaire and
his staff, and getting away
without a trace.
The cops are flabbergasted.
So what were you doing
there in the first place?
I tracked Ashlocke
from the Strand.
Uh huh.
And I followed her there.
I'm supposed to let
you get yourself killed?
Well, if I go, I'm
taking Ashlocke with me.
Yeah, that's beautiful.
Good grief.
You know, those
people were massacred.
Somebody has to stop him.
You know, the only
reason we survived is because
Ashlocke almost
passed out back there.
Yeah, like he
was sick or something.
Like physically sick?
Think we can take him down?
Well, this could be
the opportunity that we've
been waiting for.
Use his weakness against him.
No, actually I'm
talking about a cure.
Oh, that's a good idea.
Let's just keep him
around a little while longer.
I'm fine, Aziza.
I just overdid it.
 Indulge me.
I'd be through a lot faster
if you would just relax.
You know, it's a
good thing I love you.
Anybody else talked
me like that they'd be dead...
Spare me, Gabriel.
This won't take long.
When are you going
to stop playing hard to get?
We both know we
were meant to be together.
You okay?
I heard something.
 Where'd he go?
Did you see him?
Ashlocke was here.
He's not here.
It's just in your mind.
It's okay.
Are you in there?
I guess I just got
so comfortable, I got lost in
the magic of your touch.
So I take it I'm dying.
The most powerful man alive.
That power is
what's killing you.
Your accelerated metabolism
in tandem with the
rapid mutation of your genes.
What can you do?
Other than make you
as comfortable as possible for
the time
you have left, nothing.
I didn't rot in that
pod for twenty-five years
just to drop dead.
I'm afraid that's
exactly the way that it is.
You don't understand.
I was born to rule.
It's the ones who
get in my way who die.
All right.
We need to take
advantage of Ashlocke's
vulnerability right now.
Well, yeah,
hit him hard and fast.
No, no.
I'm talking more in
the lines of a rescue mission.
You know, we're
not executioners.
You're talking about rescuing
the guy who wants to kill us?
That's right, and I need you
to put your anger behind you.
I need you two to
go out there and get me a
current sample of his
DNA so I can save this guy.
All right.
Let's go.
They're not fantasies.
They were flesh and
blood, as real as you and me.
Oh, come on.
They called it alchemy,
and what they were doing
was no more magical than
gene splicing or DNA therapy.
Unless you're going
somewhere with this we...
I'm definitely going somewhere.
Why do you think I went
to so much trouble to get
my hands on that burial urn?
Oh, sorry.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I was... still not used to...
I know.
Just be careful, that hurt.
Still sure sending
them in was a good idea?
You mean, instead
of sending you in?
Well, let's face it.
I know a little more
about breaking and
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