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"There was a table
set out under a tree...
"in the front of the house...
"and the March Hare
and the Hatter...
"were having tea at it.
"A dormouse was sitting
between them fast asleep...
"and the other two
were using it as a cushion...
"resting their elbows on it
and talking over its head."
George, don't do that.
"Very uncomfortable for
the dormouse, thought Alice."
"'Your hair wants cutting,'
said the Hatter."
You skipped something,
didn't you?
It never occurred to me
that anyone was listening.
You're being paid to read to us.
Not to skip.
"'You should learn not
to make personal remarks'...
"Alice said with some severity.
'lt's very rude."'
George, please don't do that.
Why is Lucifer
making that noise?
He's practicing for school.
Tell me after you've swallowed.
He's practicing
for his school band.
Anyway, his name is Luther.
- Is he the drummer?
- He's trying out.
He tried out last year
and the year before that...
but they said
he wasn't ready yet.
Does seem fiendishly
complicated, doesn't it?
- George.
- My name's not George.
What is it then?
For me to know,
and you to find out.
Whatever it is,
please don't stand on my foot.
- That hurt.
- Good.
"'Have you
guessed the riddle yet? '
"the Hatter said,
turning to Alice again.
"'No, I give it up,'
Alice replied.
'What's the answer?"'
You're skipping again.
I beg your pardon?
You're skipping again.
I'll report you to Mama...
and see that
she cuts your fee in half...
because you're
only reading half the book.
I'll sic our dog on you
when you leave.
He hates people on bicycles.
You're a hateful,
ugly, horrible man...
and you shouldn't be allowed.
You're quite right.
I shouldn't be allowed.
Nadia, he kicked me!
Mama, Mama!
He hurt Nadia!
He's electric!
What's going on here?
May I suggest that you
encourage your children...
to play with matches.
Mama, he kicked Joseph.
He wasn't even
reading the book right.
He's not doing his job.
He shocked me!
He shocked you?
Good morning.
I'm Theophilus North.
Mrs. Baily-Lewis
is expecting me.
In general, sir, this door
is not used in the morning.
You'll find the garden door
around the corner of the house.
Please tell
Mrs. Baily-Lewis I'm here.
Our appointment was for 10:00.
It's exactly that hour now.
I repeat, sir, this door
is not used at this hour.
Kindly take
your bicycle around...
Did you hear what I said?
There we go.
Could you take those?
Thank you so much.
Are you deaf or insane or both?
I distinctly told you
to go around to the garden door.
Get back to work!
All of you! At once!
there's silver to polish.
Margaret, tend to the flowers.
Sally, will you stop giggling?
Get out of here.
Take your rubbish...
Who is this person, Willis?
Theophilus North, madame.
I am Sarah Baily-Lewis.
It's all right, Willis.
I was expecting Mr. North.
Thank you, madame.
This does not concern you,
Persis Bosworth Tennyson.
This does not concern
any of you.
You, too, Dora.
Get back to your chores.
Yes, ma'am. But it's not Dora.
It's Sarah, same as you.
Sarah. Same as me.
You impudent child.
You are not the same as me,
and don't you ever forget it.
Try to rise above your station
in this house, missy...
and you'll find yourself
back on the ould sod...
emptying chamberpots and doing
twice the amount of work...
for a quarter of what
you get paid here.
This way, Mr. North.
Take a seat, please, Mr. North.
Thank you,
but I prefer to stand.
Just as you wish.
Good morning, Sarah.
You take the high road
and I'll take the low
You take the high road
and I'll take...
Good morning, Dr. McPherson.
How's my father today?
As well as can be expected,
I hope he's not
losing any ground.
No, no.
He's holding his own.
We're holding his own, Angus.
Oh, yes, of course.
My medicine and
your tender loving care.
You'll look in tomorrow?
Yes, of course, Sarah.
Good morning.
Good morning, Dr.

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