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Come on, Cassey, another
straight after hours.
You've been on your feet
whole day!
No, thanks Joey.
I've got a day job too.
- Are you sure I can't give you a lift?
- I'd rather face the muggers.
Come on! Gimme your
money! Sweetheart!
I worked whole for these tips,
and I don't leave it.
Officer! Thank God its you!
Two puerto rican guys...
just trying to mug me....
I swear to god!
It was a cop with a knife.
It was a cop, a big cop.
I hate the smell
of these places.
Good morning.
Well, We have a C-2...
C-3 fracture dislocation...
The head was unstable and there
was a desolvation injury...
The residual hanging...
...where the head just "popped"
That's not what is interesting.
What's interesting is we
also have a crushed larynx.
The head's just flopping.
You're tryin' to tell
me two kids did this?
I just got a statement from an eyewitness
said he saw the kids attack her.
Can't you cover her face?
Her name's
Cassey Philips
I used to go in her place for a nightcap.
She always have latest jokes,
nice sense of humor.
I always told her she ought to...
...audition for one of those comedy joints.
All the more reason I was thinking
was these bastards put away.
Don't pass out on me Lovejoy.
Take a look at the size...
of those hematomas.
You think I don't want those two
kids could have done that?
Shit, you really think that
a cop did this?
Why not? She knew me,
she knew a lot of cops.
What's the use?  Let's go.
I think I need some fresh air.
You must've been so
afraid Cassey...
...And you saw a cop.
So we just about closed that club. .
You're not kidding.
Sam, wath the lights!
What's the matter with this thing?
Its quite broken or something.
What's the hurry?
Oh, shit, its a cop. Ditch that beer.
- Where did he come from?
- I don't know, I don't know.
Alright, what seems to be
the trouble, officer?
Oh no, I think he wants you
to go with him!
What for?
I don't know. You just better
cooperate, alright?
I can't stand any more tickets.
My insurance will go up.
Commissioner. Detective Lt.
Mc Crae is here to see you.
Send him in.
Have a seat, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant, I've been going
over your report.
Seems you automatically assume ,
that it was a police officer,
instead of some ...
lunatic son of a bitch dressed
up like a cop.
He didn't kill the girl.
He wanted a witness.
Oh, there you are.
Obviously, someone tried
to discredit the police force.
I mean if its my profile
for not to be a cop.
All the same I think, we have to take a
look at around people.
I'd like to have police psychologist give a
rundown on cops who've been under...
mental disturbance,
attempted suicide,
under extreme emotional stress.
Sure, why don't we just test the
whole damn force while you're at it?
Otherwise, We're looking for a
white man well over six feet tall,
wears a police uniform,
doesn't have an alibi.
I don't know where to start to
look, Commissioner!
Listen, I want you to keep this
within the department. Keep it quiet.
As long as we can...
but he will kill again,
he enjoys killing.
You know Lieutenant, You seem to
know a hell of a lot about this guy.
Tell me something, when was the
last time you had a mental test?
Anytime, Commissioner.
As a matter of fact, didn't you try to
shoot yourself a couple of years back?
The gun went off.
The gun went off.
Exactly, ten days after your
partner was killed in the line of duty ...
your gun just happens to ...
discharge all by itself.
You've been even killed in every
Even now,
You don't smile very much.
Hey! What you!
This is my car!
Help! please help!
Help me!
Please! Help me! Please!
This is not funny! Stop it!
Help me!
A cop killed waitress, a
drunk driver and now this musician ...
All killed by a uniformed police officer?
We got just to do something
about it and fast...
Why this had to happen
before the

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