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Малыши из мусорного бачка

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- Garbage Pail Kids -
Valerie Vomit
Windy Winston
Foul Phil
NAT Nerd
Ali Gator
Greaser Greg
Messy Tessie
- Antiques -
Quiet! Someone might hear us!
Turn off the lights
I'll get it.
I got it!
Now I can't see anything!
You'll get use to it in
a few seconds...
What is going on up there?
It's him...
If I'll catch anybody out here...
I'll be very surprised.
I wonder...
This should keep a lid on things
for the rest of the month.
Take it off.
- I'm trying...
- Shh...
This is hard.
I wanna get out and play!
Okay creep... gimme.
I don't have any money!
If he ain't got money,
he ain't got nothing.
- You're running out of time , creep.
- No , please!
Little baby's gonna cry?
Let go!
Those are my kind of guys...
real psychos.
Stop it Blythe...
Juice is mine.
Come here... right here.
- What are you doing?
- Put him down.
What are you gonna do to me?
Drop him.
No no no!
Thanks a lot , kid.
We appreciate the donation.
Okay baby , let's go.
- Manzini's Antiques -
Good lord! You smell like
I had an accident.
Come , boy.
We better clean you up
before the flies get.
Captain Manzini, what do
you use for that garbage pill?
- How long have you worked for me , boy?
- Couple of months.
Have I ever forbid you to
touch any of my treasures?
- This is the one exception.
- Yes sir.
Did you get the blood of a toad
and the eye of a newt?
No . There's no catch for
unicorns too.
No wonder there's no magic
in the world today.
You can't get the ingredients.
- Here , try this on.
- A dress?
Only to western life...
This is a dashiki.
Given me by the great african
tribal leader from Tuh-Tuh...
in gratitude for making
his mother-in-law disappear.
You were in Africa?
Actually , I was on my way back from Egypt.
I was doing a split week in
Cleveland and Cairo.
But that's a long story.
Are you gonna tell me what happened?
I got in a fight.
I lost.
Losing is relative , my dear boy.
What matters is conceding with grace.
- Who did this to you?
- Some guys.
Some guys...
Did you reported to the police?
Last guy who snitched on Juice
got poured into the westside highway.
Which is broth than vampire's broom
make this clothes as good as new.
Let's go do some work.
Do you sell much of this stuff?
We only had 2 costumers,
and they didn't buy anything.
Patiance is a dear divine,
it's their sweet fruit.
That's from the greek ,
it loses something in translation.
Now... let's add a little sparkle
into our merchandise.
Funny people should call it
junk , isn't it?
When every single piece , is a...
is a diary into the human spirit.
Take this , for instance.
"To my darling Mary , From Herbert."
This is not a modern book.
This is a testimony for love.
And this?
Yet the child who slept
with this...
grow up to shake the world.
Tell me about this,
Captain Manzini.
An early form of air conditioning.
Also a tool of romance.
It could backen or to buff.
Did you ever get backen?
Yes . I also got rebuffed.
But , like me , this is a relic
from a simply...
good and bad ,
black and white.
When a man could set all his
differences with one of these.
Then some damn fool invented gun
powder and a bigger damn fool split the atom.
That's when I decided to leave
mankind to it's fall...
and retire here into the world
- Touch'e!
- Dodger , no!
- Have you ever heard of Pandora's box?
- Never heard of Pandora.
Right . Clear this up.
According to legend,
all trouble in the world...
could squeeze into...
one tiny box.
Along came nozy little girl called
Pandora , opened it up...
and let them all out.
- I don't understand.
- Think of this... as Pandora's pain.
Look at that!
Look at that...
- It's so pretty!
- Look at that.
- SALE -
What's this thing here?
That's pretty cool.
Tangerine? You got a minute?
- You want to come inside and take a look?
- Why would I want to?
Captain Manzini got great stuff,
Малыши из мусорного бачка

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