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What's that?
It's nothing.
Does Jenny know?
I'm not at my house, Tommy.
I'm gonna hide this from my wife.
I wont tell her.
I appriciate that.
Try this.
Nicotin is not your problem.
It's just all fixation.
Just need something else to suck
on. I read that in some magazine.
What kind of magazines have you been reading?
- Easy
A man ought to be able to have something of his own
How many shooters you count?
5... 6
Someone tipped them off.
All i know is this, we lost
2 whole years of fucking work.
Want to take a look?
As long as it's just a look.
On three.
Son of a bitch!
Be calm... wait for some slack
Hold! F.B.I. freeze!... halt
John! You alright?
Come on.
Did you get him?
- I got him.
You sure?
- Took one in the face.
He's dead. Relax.
The world is full of people, who
thought they got that son of a bitch.
What're you talking about, John?
You sound like you know this guy.
Nah. Just talk to you cause I'm
a real independent contractor...
to deal with the trance.
Suppose to be the best.
Same gunner the CIA used
to encounter that time.
Yeah... same guy that turned on
his handlers and killed 3 agents.
I heard it was 5.
It's bullshit story, John.
You know that, alright?
Those are phantom. He's a myth.
Some of the agents can't get a change.
That's if he shows, this
bullet's his signature.
Do you really think Rogue
was working for Yakuza?
That's the trouble with this business.
You never know who's working for whom.
This is the San Francisco police.
Remain where you are with
your hands in the air.
Yep. He's right here.
He's right here, John.
See you soon. Okay, bye-bye.
You tell him that he cannot
smoke in front of the kids!
If he's going to smoke
he can do it in the yard.
I thought he was quitting anyway.
- I thought he was too.
Yo, Tom!
- Gotcha!
You better be on the
road. game starts in 30.
I'm working on it, the hell it is.
See if there's not any traffic,
we'll make it up there by then.
Smoke fixation.
Hey, come on. Get your coat.
So, how's the case going?
Don't forget about the case.
John, you're on sick leave.
No, Investigations are on
the way. So far it's zip.
Somebody talked to him. Somebody inside.
Close to us.
Do they know what happened to Rogue?
No, they never found the body.
They dragged the bay
for 3 days and nothing.
He's fish food by now.
Okay. Well, it's game day, right?
Yeah. I know it's game day. Just don't
tell me you forgot the steaks, okay?
Allright, so I didn't forget the steaks.
Christ, when you gonna let that go?
Diane has made a check.
She also asked me to...
Yea, yea, yea... I heard, no
smoking in front of the kids.
Honey, we gotta stop
off and get some steaks.
Diane, hurry up.
No! Please!
Diane, what's up?
John. John. Honey.
Honey. Honey.
Oh my God.
Hey stay here Honey with Daniel.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm gonna have...
We got 3 fatalitys.
- What?
One male, one female and one child.
Hey... F.B.I.
Sir. The C.S.I. needs to finish up.
We gotta let them do their thing.
You gotta clear out of here now.
Hey Baby, how are you?
My turn next...
Get him!
Zimo! Check it out.
Well, those Jab's sure know how hurt them.
- Yea
Smell's like a deli in here
Oh shut up dude! See all this ink?
Japanise Yekoosa
Each one of this rings, supose to represent
one of those poor bastards they've killed
These are some bad ass characters here
I wonder who makes them do this?
Make a hole.
Get these people out of here.
Just who the hell are you?
Asian Organized Crime Unit.
We'll be taking over from here.
Who's the authority?
- Mayor? President? Take your pick.
You don't look very Asian to me.
I'm amaized you two don't have
this case wrapped up by now.
Checked this Einstein?
Yea. someone cut the feed,
there's nothing on there.
Agent Crawford?
I found this in

- 2

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