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Baltimore, Md 1980
''Think to yourself
that every day is your last...
''the hour to which
you do not look forward...
''will come
as a welcome surprise.
''As for me...
''when you want a good laugh...
''you will find me,
in a fine state...
''fat and sleek...
''a true hog of Epicurus' herd.''
And we find you cribbing lines
from Horace, as well.
Well done, John.
l must say, Hannibal...
speaking for the rest
of the herd...
l'm sorry,
for the Symphony Board...
that these little soirees
of yours...
are always the highlight of our year.
-Just so.
-You're too kind.
l do feel guilty enjoying
tonight when a musician is...
still listed as
a missing person.
Yes, poor fellow.
Shall l confess
something wicked?
l can't help feeling
the tiniest bit...relieved.
lt sounds awful, l know.
But, let's face it,
so does the man's playing.
Hannibal, confess.
What is this divine-looking
lf l tell you...
l'm afraid
you won't even try it.
-Bon apptit.
-Bon apptit.
Special Agent Graham.
What an unexpected pleasure.
l'm sorry to bother you again,
Dr. Lecter. l know it's late.
lt's no bother.
We're both night owls, l think.
-Come in, please.
-Thank you.
Let me take your coat.
What's on your mind?
We've been on the wrong track
this whole time. You and l.
Our whole profile's wrong.
We've been looking for someone
with a crazy grudge...
and some kind
of anatomical knowledge.
Decertified doctors,
med school dropouts...
laid-off mortuary workers--
From the precision of the cuts,
and his choice of souvenirs.
That's where we're off-target.
He's not collecting body parts.
-Then why keep them?
-He's not. He's eating them.
No, listen. We were at
Molly's parents' for New Year's...
and her dad was showing
my son, Josh...
how to carve a roasted chicken.
He said, ''The tenderest part
of the chicken is the oysters...
''on either side of the back.''
l had never heard that
expression before, ''oysters.''
Then suddenly l had a flash
of the third victim...
Darcy Taylor.
She was missing flesh from
her back. And then it hit me.
Liver, kidney, tongue, thymus.
Every single victim lost
some body part used in cooking.
Have you shared this
with the Bureau?
No, l needed to see you first.
But l'm right. l know l'm right.
l'm starting to be able to think
like this one.
Yeah, it's fascinating.
You know, l'd always suspected
as much. You are an eidetiker.
l'm not psychic, Doctor.
No, this is different.
More akin
to artistic imagination.
You can assume the emotional
point of view of others...
even those that might scare
or sicken you.
lt's a troubling gift,
l should think.
How l'd love
to get you on my couch.
Something still doesn't
make sense to me.
You're the best
forensic psychiatrist l know...
and somehow,
in all our time together...
this possibility
never occurred to you.
l am only human, Will.
Perhaps l made a mistake.
You don't strike me as a man
who makes very many mistakes.
Now l'm sorry to think
l might...
no longer enjoy
your full confidence.
No, l didn't say that.
l don't know what l'm saying.
l'm very, very tired.
l almost had it.
lt'll come to you.
Why don't you come back
in the morning?
l'll clear some time
on my schedule and...
then we can get started
in revising our profile.
-Sound good?
Rest here,
and l'll get your coat.
Won't be a tick.
Don't move.
You're in shock now. l don't
want you to feel any pain.
ln a moment you'll begin to be
light-headed. Then drowsy.
Don't resist. lt's so gentle.
Like slipping into a warm bath.
l regret it came to this, Will.
But every game
must have its ending.
Remarkable boy.
l do admire your courage.
l think l'll eat your heart.
Marathon, Fl Several Years Later
Hey, Dad. Someone's here.
You've got
a beautiful setup here, Will.
Yeah, it's good.
-You know why l'm here?
-Yeah, l can guess.
How much do you know?
Just what was in
the Miami Herald and the

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