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Лунная радуга

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All the participants of "Black mark"
campaign, please get together --
at Designer's Hall of The Operational
Investigations Department
- "I repeat..."
- It's for me, excuse me.
Tell me - is "Black mark"
so dangerous ?
I... don't know, Martin.
I'm afraid that...
Thanks for the coffee...
Yesterday you overwhelmed us
with the info on "black marks" --
and today you force world health
organizations to participate in this.
Isn't it too early for this ?
I'm afraid that
it could be too late.
Get familiar:
Our colleague in Space
Security Service - Oleg Nikolsky.
And this is my operational group.
Nice group.
Professor Leonard Rogov.
Science consultant of
World Health Orgnization.
Please this way,
Let's start.
Cooper, acquaint Professor
with the facts.
The story with "black marks"
started with the tragic accident
with our alpinists on Pamir.
Strong snow storm has started
on those mountains.
And the equipment of the
meteo station "EAGLE'S PEAK"
didn't response on that.
At that time there on the
meteo station was former
space commando Timur Kizimov.
Responding to the emergency
two of our inspectors were
dispatched to Pamir quickly.
You needed something
extraordinary to happen to wake
your Service up of lethargy.
Please, go on.
Scared station's caretaker
reported some bullshit --
that former space commando
Timur Kizimov actually
is not Kizimov --
but a spy from a foreign
planet's civilization hidden
under a face of Kizimov.
Our inspector, of course,
didn't believe him.
Than the caretaker
showed him --
a "black mark" left on a
display of one of devices.
Exotic marks of course have
interested us, but the point is --
if one can influence on
electronic nerves of
devices in such a manner --
so what kind are his
energetic parameters.
Yeah... circumstances are
quite disturbing --
or even terrifying.
That's why we offered
Timur Kizimov to visit us.
Please, be kind to...
Cooper, start
the video please.
Now tell us, Kizimov, --
why do you avoid to
talk to members of
Space Security Service ?
You know, I actually hate to talk
with people who are not close
friends or acquaintances of mine.
Excuse me, but who are
your friends or acquaintances ?
Well, that's my
private business.
You understand that uncommon
qualities of your organism --
acquired obviously in
places out of our planet --
have interested us.
You want to say, that
I'm a danger to society ?
You must understand that we also
can't exclude such a possibility.
And how would you answer
this question by yourself ?
I am danger to
our community --
not more than any
typical earthling.
So you realize
your unusualness ?
I realize of course.
Also my unusualness is a mystery
for me as it is for you.
Yes, believe me.
And maybe it's disease ?
Why you get familiarized with
my documents so careless ?
There's special bulletin,
medical reports.
Oh, yeah,
I remember this.
completely healthy.
"Unlimited permission" to planet
Earth is given out to you.
- "Well, not the disease..."
- Stop the video!
The situation seemed
to us very disturbing,
we worked hard on this and
found another "black mark".
But not Kizimov's one.
This mark was left
by Jean Lourais.
He is former
space commando too.
Let's continue.
The screen, please.
Tell us, have you ever
talked on this topic --
with other owners of
similar organism qualities ?
Lourais, for example?
Lourais ?
You're surprised
with my question ?
Why Lourais ?
I understand.
No, never talked.
So you and Lourais didn't
know about your ability
to leave "black marks" ?
I can answer
only for myself.
I didn't notice it
about Lourais.
And during your dialogs
with him you never
discussed this problem ?
It's not that topic which
could give me a pleasure.
Your hate of this topic
is related to your
work outside Earth?
I am not working
outside Earth.
I'm retired.
You want to
Лунная радуга

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