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Конец Вечности

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"Based on the novel by ISAAC ASIMOV"
Much as it pains me to say,
There are people in our midst who
have forgotten their duty.
I'm talking about my
own Technician, Stevens.
What happened to him?
That's not important. What's
important is the danger it puts us in.
In a blunt violation of protocol,
my technician formed a relationship
with a woman from reality.
And used the kettle
to meet with her.
It wasn't hard.
Who would dare stop
Dr. Twissell's personal Technician?
I don't understand why you're
bringing this up, Twissell.
Just terminate this Stevens,
or transfer him to
Maintenance for all time.
But we do sometimes allow
temporary liaisons.
My dear colleague,
Don't you see that Stevens would
not submit himself to the restrictions
under which we allow them?
We cannot allow anyone to place
a relationship with a woman above
this great cause of ours.
Service in Eternity
demands total commitment.
We must put to use the latest means
of physiological, psychological...
and genetic control over
the behavior of our people.
Computer Sennor.
Please visit the school immediately.
And in the name of this council,
demand that Yarrow root out
the final memories of the
students' homes, loved ones...
Homewhen and so on.
The school must be able to put out
graduates who can work without emotion.
Computer Finge, do you agree?
Or do you have
your own opinion on the matter?
Dr. Twissell,
it's impossible for anyone
here to disagree with you.
Praise Eternity.
Understand, Yarrow. This is
just a friendly conversation.
But you're in a lot of trouble.
Twissell's in a rage.
His personal Technician, a former
Cub of yours, Stevens...
formed a relationship with a woman
from Reality. This is unacceptable.
As head Educator of this school, you
should take such a thing very seriously.
The Cubs...
that we choose from Reality,
hand-picked from the most gifted,
must serve Eternity once they graduate.
And only Eternity. Do you understand?
I'm trying, i'm doing
everything I possibly can.
That's all I have to say.
My friends...
now is the sad but proud moment
of our parting.
We've spent ten years together.
Today, your Cubhood is finished.
You will be divided among
the different sections of Eternity,
and I cannot say
if we will ever meet again.
A great honor has been
conferred upon you.
An honor that anyone from Time
can only dream of.
You will be Observers now.
Technicians. Life-Plotters.
In short, Specialists.
And a select few of you...
might become Computers.
Or even members of the Allwhen Council.
Serving Eternity
is not a privilege.
It requires immense self-sacrifice,
and strenuous work.
When you become an Eternal,
you must take an oath:
That you will never use
the powers of Eternity
to serve your own interests.
That your one unchanging goal
will be the betterment
of Eternity and mankind.
Are you ready to take that oath?
We are ready, Educator!
Then let us begin.
Each of you, by name.
This moment will forever be preserved
in the archives of Eternity.
I pledge to dedicate
my knowledge and capabilities
to justifying Eternity's faith in me.
I pledge to be honest and obedient,
to honor and obey
my superiors without question.
As I have honored and obeyed
you, Educator Yarrow.
I, Andrew Harlan,
am called upon to serve Eternity.
I pledge to dedicate my
knowledge and capabilities to it.
All my thoughts will be directed
toward increasing the total
of human happiness.
You've been Observer here
for how many years, now?
I've been observing the 48th
century in your section for five years.
I could congratulate you,
Andrew Harlan,
on the organization and
clarity of your reports.
But I'd like to know,
what do you really think?
I don't see what you mean.
Come now. Both of us
understand perfectly.
Surely the things you've seen here
all these years disturb you.
Does anything in my
Конец Вечности

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