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Let's get started!
Like this, so that wouldn't drop [somethin on clothes]
How is it?
Very good.
What an unexpected surprise!
So, who wants some bread?
Here you go, here you go.
You can take it in your hand.
I love salad.
No, go on, take it.
It is properly to concede before women and older people.
I'm asking everybody to fill their glasses!
Allow me.
In here.
Dear Vasily Petrovich!
Whom did I tell to have a bite! [of food together with alcohol]
How many degrees are there?
Isn't that strong [drink]?
Oh, hell!
Pour salt on it.
Yes, yes, here you go. Hell!
Salt should be thrown across left shoulder and everybody should laugh.
Pardon me.
There's no long break between the first and the second.
Dear Vasily Petrovich!
Whom did i tell to have a bite!
Ok, ok.
So...where's the salt?
Do you want to hear an anecdote?
Oh, hell!
Between the third and the second, what do we have? Short break.
Dear Petrovich!
Have you seen latest Mikhalkov's movie?
I, to tell the truth, don't remember title...
Here you go.
Generaly i don't smoke...but for the company's sake.
Whom did i tell to eat!
Have you read foreign novel about psychic? I don't remember the name...
Dear Vasily!
That's to good luck.
To good luck.
Why are you raising empty glass?
I've had enough.
Don't you feel respect towards Vasily Petrovich?
Give him full glass!
I'm not allowed [to drink].
Everybody's not alloved [to drink].
I have an ulcer.
Everybody has an ulcer.
And there's no snacks.
Drink to the bottom, drink to the bottom!
Well...with whom doesn't it happen?
Whom did i tell to have a bite!
Eat, bastard!
I want to ask you to dance.
And only, only you.
Please, fill up glasses!
Dear...what was your name?
To beautiful dames!
Vasya, you've had enough!
Good sitting.
What's this? How is this called?
Champangne. I'll open it.
Not at me!
Direct it aside, i have a new dress.
Don't be afraid.
Dear Vasenyka. Congratulations in your birthday.
I wish you health and happiness. Your Mom.


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