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Hey, I need some stuff.
You got any money babe ?
No but I'll get some tomorrow.
But I don't wanna think about tomorrow,
you had for me tonight remember ?
-Hey listen...
Let's go to your place.
Right now, with you ?
Ok, let's go.
You know where she keeps
the stuff ?
Don't ever ask me about that.
I don't usually fuck girls.
That's Ok I prefer girls
to men anyway.
You think we can find it ?
Find what ?
We could take just a little.
She wouldn't know.
Adrian would know.
I don't know where it is.
Yes, you do...
Fuck you!
Cut it out!
That's enough I think
you should leave.
If you want to go to the club and
ask Dave, you'll go ask her.
Are you gonna take a cab?
Fuck yourself.
Margaret ?
You have to get back to the club.
Adrian will have finished singing and we'll
still have to make up for the fashion show.
Open the door.
I wanna get me backed and dressed.
Margaret ?
Accompany me to the club.
So it's all set Margaret
we'll come over tomorrow night.
Janet was supposed to be in here.
Your roof is great.
And you're even better.
Jimmy ! Looking forward to seeing
you tomorrow night.
I don't know.
Come on, we'll have a great time
and get some terrific shots.
There's a chance to get them
published in Midnight Magazine.
What kind of drugs we have ?
The thing you want.
Liquid sky...
Key to heaven...
That's what they used to call.
But I don't want you
to do it anymore.
It's dangerous.
So...see you tomorrow
at Margaret's roof.
And don't stay out all night
I want you looking fresh for the shoot.
You want to look bad ?
I said yes.
People have been using
opiates for centuries.
Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome,
India, China
Everybody used them nobody thought it
was destructive or dangerous
They didn't think it was
immoral to feel euphoric.
Are you gonna come to my roof
tomorrow night ?
I'll decide that tomorrow night.
All right listen to me everyboby.
Listen up !
Get it restless,
let's start the show.
In this country at the turn
of the century,
you could buy a heron derivative
in any drugstore
to cure your ill's housewives.
They loved these and used for
everything like aspirin.
Everybody wants euphoria.
What's wrong with that ?
I'm not a housewife at the turn
of the century and
I do not want heron in
my house.
It's not just for pleasure...
I use it to open my blocked creativity,
Cocteau wrote great litterature
while high on opium.
Cocteau was Cocteau before
he ever did drugs.
What's that supposed to mean ?
That it's not gonna help you.
You bitch.
Help me out won't you ?
You always have to throw your
success in my face.
If you wanna help me...
hold this for me.
Hold this.
Please !
Paul...I did it because I love you.
You want some stuff ?
What do you think ?
You have my money yet ?
No but we'll get some,
I could pay you tomorrow.
No money no stuff babe.
I'll have it tomorrow.
Talk to me tomorrow.
You'll give me the stuff or
I'll rat on you.
He smashed up the place
looking for it.
He's not going to get
any stuff tomorrow either.
I'm not nice.
Hey, Marv and you should
snort some scagg.
Actually, I'd rather have cocane.
I hate you, ugly chick.
There's some guy on the dance
floor offering cocane to all the chicks.
Why don't you ask him ?
Hi you...
Nice chick, want snort some blow ?
Well, I don't wanna do it here.
Will go to my place it's not far.
Where's the cocane ?
Did you ever do Quaaludes before ?
I've done more Quaaludes than
you have aspirin.
They don't excite me.
These are "lemons"...you can't get
them all the time.
Listen if I wanna dance I can
shoot heron any time I want.
Where's the cocane ?
Why don't you just take these ?
Now !
Because I don't want them.
What are you gonna do ?
Throw them down my throat or something ?
You're a model right ?
Where's the cocane ?
I do soaps...
Do you have
ever seen me ?
I don't watch soaps.

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