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Водитель для Веры

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AntarChannel One,
lgor Tolstunov`s Producing Company
TV Channel `1 plus 1`, Ukraine
Supported by
the Russian Cinematography Dept.,
Ministry of Culture,
Moscow, 1962.
Andrei PANlN
Ekaterina YUDlNA
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Eduard ARTEMYEV
Edited by Olga GRlNSHPUN
Produced by
Executive Producers
Written and Directed by
Here`s the mark from the cord
that he hanged himself on.
There`re no other signs of violence
on Major Kraikov`s body.
- When did you arrive?
- Today.
- When`re you going back?
- Today.
- How`s it down in the Crimea?
- lt`s warm.
See ya!
l called to tell you that...
- You have an enemy in the KGB.
- Who?
l don`t know, but your major`s
death is a signal.
You`re making a mountain...
He couldn`t hang himself,
in his office, during the day.
- He could`ve shot himself.
- You`re right.
lt`s obvious. Why did they
transfer him?
To Moscow? For what good deeds?
To try and dig under you.
lt isn`t so easy
to dig under me, Kolya.
March forward!
We need an excuse
for you being here.
Anything`ll do.
For example,
to change your driver.
What about this one?
- Why`d you need him?
- Transfer him for me.
All right.
Cleaning time.
My name`s Lida.
Go ahead, Lida.
Finish this.
The master`s leftovers.
- Have you settled down?
- Yes, Sir.
Send him for Vera.
- l`ve come for Serova.
- She`s outside already.
Take her things.
l can`t forgive myself
for missing you.
My rule is:
everything on time.
That`s why my idol is Gagarin
and Exupery.
Easy, soldier, don`t
drive so fast.
Will do.
Actually l`m a sergeant. Name`s
Victor. l`ll help you around.
- Around where?
- Well, l don`t know...
To fulfill your wishes,
guard you.
Anything. Since you`re
young and beautiful.
- What?
- Excuse me?
- You looking at me in the mirror?
- By accident. You mad?
A servant can`t hurt my feelings.
But only speak when asked.
Will do.
- Leave it here. Repair the sconoe.
- What?
The lamp.
My daughter`s in the hospital!
What were you doing there?
- ls this an interrogation?
- Answer me, l`ll find out anyway.
No problem -
l had an abortion.
- What?
- An abortion.
Only the doctor said
it was too late.
Who is it?
- Tell me, who?
- No one. l don`t remember.
Just some guy.
Then have an abortion,
if you don`t remember!
And don`t disgrace me!
Tell me, who!
Anyone. l`m not in great
demand, with my looks and all.
Your looks are fine,
he`ll think he`s fortunate .
l must know, who is it?
lt`s no joking matter.
Major Kraikov, your deputy.
Happy now?
You said this on purpose?
You know he`s dead already.
Believe it or not.
l don`t have time.
Right now, just go.
- Been a driver for long?
- Since before l joined the Army.
What are your plans
for the future?
Well, you know...
l plan to go to the
Army Academy.
For top officers.
- What about your dad and mom?
- He`s an orphan.
- Are you married?
- No, Sir.
ln good time, as people say.
You needn`t hurry.
My respect.
Wait a sec.
Call the hospital
and summon this doctor.
Send him straight to me.
Vitya, what music
do you prefer?
Elvis Presley.
- lsn`t he old-fashioned.
- Well...
l like him, twist music
and ltalian songs.
- Plus Soviet songs, of course.
- of course.
l couldn`t not examine her.
l thought you knew.
- You could`ve asked me.
- lt never crossed my mind.
Never mind.
What can we do now?
At this month, an abortion`ll mean
she`ll never bear a child again.
- Are you qualified enough?
- You can`t be serious?
For 20 years l`ve been gazing...
into you know what!
l studied in Moscow,
at Liberman`s.
You can enquire about me.
- Ok then, write and sign.
- What? Why?
Why all these formalities?
l`ll do anything
You order me to.
- Write
Водитель для Веры

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