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Ah, Collins. Morning, Hammond.
- Sir Edward.
- A black day for us all.
Particularly the officers of the Renown.
HAMMOND: Not to mention Captain Sawyer.
Hardly the circumstances either of us
would have chosen
to reacquaint ourselves with Mr Hornblower.
No, they're not.
Still, the guilty must be punished.
If indeed they are guilty, Captain Hammond,
which is yet to be established.
All rise.
This court is now in session.
(Bangs gavel)
Officers of His Majesty's ship Renown.
It is charged that you did forcibly remove
Captain James Sawyer
from his lawful command,
and, in breach of the Articles of War
laid down by King George ll,
did commit...the act of mutiny.
At least we are safely out of range.
For the time being, sir.
I tell you, gentlemen,
another five minutes under fire...
I would not like to guess.
- Quick as you can with that, Matthews.
- Seven down, four to go.
- You'd think it's a bride's wedding dress.
-No harm in giving them a decent send-off.
I only hope a cheery soul will do
this for me when my time comes.
Come along, man! The sooner you're done
the sooner we sail for Jamaica.
Am I not right, Mr Hornblower?
Indeed, sir.
Sergeant! Get the men below decks!
Sir, how is the captain?
A little better.
Untie me.
Untie your captain at once!
You're not yourself, sir.
I know you.
Either come in or go out, Mr Wellard.
Don 't just stand there like
a startled rabbit.
Mr Buckland's compliments, sir...
Very well.
I shall be back within the hour, sir.
Another dozen and you'll coo like a dove.
I'm not your whipping boy now...sir.
BUCKLAND:..in the sure and certain knowledge
of the resurrection,
we commit the body of these men to the deep.
James McNeal.
Matthew Chandler.
We pray also for the speedy recovery
of our captain James Sawyer.
- Hypocrite.
- Who said that?
Who said that?
And we pray for a swiff passage to Jamaica,
where we may dock safely at Kingston
and put this tragedy behind us.
ALL: Amen.
I wouldn 't sail up the Thames in
a river boat with this crew.
I don 't see we have much
choice in the matter.
No? Well, let me tell you at times like
this, it's every man for himself.
But, sir, if we sail behind the fort
round the bay here,
there is a good landing beach.
We can attack the fort overland
where they least expect us.
Then, with the fort in our hands,
we could bottle up
the Spanish ships in the bay.
Impossible. We sail for Kingston.
Dawn tomorrow. Mr Bush?
We've tried to fulfil our orders.
We've clearly failed.
That's the point, sir. The last thing
they'd expect is a further assault.
With respect, sir, we can 't afford a delay.
When, according to your scheme,
should we launch this attack?
Tonight, sir. Under the cover of darkness.
A matter of hours affer the last attack.
The virtue of surprise.
You're a man in a hurry, Mr Hornblower.
But I fear this is a venture too far.
Morale is fragile enough as it is.
Mr Bush?
It goes against the grain to give up, sir.
But maybe you're right.
There is another matter, sir.
When we reach Kingston we will face trial.
We have nothing to fear from any trial.
We acted for the good of the ship.
Captain Sawyer would have sunk
every man aboard if we four hadn 't
had our wits about us.
Besides, we've got the good doctor's
endorsement. From his own lips.
"Unfit for command."
So, so.
A little cabal muttering together.
Damn it. Pass the word for Dr Clive.
One of you had his dirty hands on my back.
I'll remember.
I'll remember.
Dr Clive.
Can you do nothing for him?
What exactly did you have in mind,
Mr Buckland?
PELLEW: Was the captain well, or no?
Yes, sir.
He was indisposed, sir.
Affer his fall into the hold.
"Unfit to command."
- A bold choice of words.
- Aye, sir.
And, if I may say so, not worth a farthing.
My consent was given only under duress, sir.
(Whispers) Oh, my God. He's killed us all.
What do

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