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OzuThis film is a new edition
of the shortened version
for a wide diffusion,
from a copy in 9.5 mm.
Fighting Friends
Atsushi Watanabe, Tomoko Naniwa
Hisao Yoshitani, Ichiro Yuki
Tomekichi, truck driver,
and Hozo, his assistant,
are good friends and co-tenants.
Hey, your egg is broken!
"My" egg?
There's no mine or yours!
Look, the well cooked one is mine.
We're sharing since we're friends.
Since we're friends, I accept
the other half without embarrassment.
Then came a work for them,
bound by a good friendship.
We'll take you back home
in this truck.
But I don't have a home.
No Parents? No brother and sister?
We're sympathizing.
What if we took him home?
A morning like any other
at Tomekichi and Hozo's place.
I'm the one cooking!
Don't interfer!
Go wash your dirty face instead!
Isn't it time to go to work?
To take care of the house
during our absence.
We don't have time for a break!
It's not the time for a break!
Fighting is sacred!
No intervention!
The evening...
It's a secondhand bargain.
Do you want to try it now?
At a night party,
Omintsu meets Okamura,
a student of the neighborhood.
They get to know each other.
Lately, they start feeling
a strong sentiment of love
for each other.
The day of the departure
of the young couple...
Directed by Yasujiro Ozu

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