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Старая, старая сказка

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First Artistic Association
Inspired by the fairy tales of
Hans Christian Andersen
Script Writers
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by A. PETROV
English Subtitles by
Oleg DAL
as Soldier and Marionettist
as Princess and Innkeeper's Daughter
Vladimir ETUSH
as King and Innkeeper
G. VITSIN as Good Genie
V. TITOVA as Witch
V. PEREVALOV as Prince-Sweep
I. DMITRIEV as Oriental Prince
G. SHTIL as Bodygard
B. LESKIN as Coachman
V. GEORGIU as Fatty
L. LEMKE as Skinny
Those marionettes!
They look almost human.
The best I've ever seen
in the city.
beer for the marionettist!
Daughter! Pour him a beer
and give him all he wants to eat.
Artists should be respected.
Life is hard for them!
They're poorer than beggars.
Later, when they all go to bed.
- You sure want to go with me?
- Yes.
- You won't change your mind?
- Not for a whole kingdom.
But I haven't got a copper
in my pockets.
I don't care.
I love you.
Think it over.
I'll come here tomorrow at dawn.
I will put on father's cape
and my best walking shoes,
and I would go with you
to the end of the earth.
The earth has no end,
it's round.
We'll go to my old folks'.
They can't turn us away.
Now go to bed.
Good night.
I won't be able to sleep.
I'll be waiting for the dawn.
I heard it all.
So you're abandoning us?
Eavesdropping is bad.
With a wife, I can't keep
wandering like a Gypsy.
My show wouldn't earn enough
to feed us both.
But you don't know
any other trade.
I can learn.
I've got a nice handwriting.
I might become a secretary
or a court clerk.
You'll be sorry about that.
Take us with you. Please?
You're my soldier,
so stop arguing.
Can't we say goodbye like friends?
Go and wake the others.
Act out a fairy tale for me.
Which one?
A long one.
I won't be able to sleep tonight.
Along the high road,
Along the high road,
I'm marching, one 'n' two!
Forget about holes
in my boots and coat!
Thank God I remained
in one piece, and not two!
One-two, left!
One-two, right!
On marching I really thrive.
I couldn't care less
that my pockets are empty,
The important thing,
I'm alive!
Over me lie
A bright blue sky,
Ahead is a long long way.
Where I go I don't know,
But the road will end, anyway!
One-two, left!
One-two, right!
Friends, like that I would march
on and on!
I couldn't care less
that my pockets are empty!
Hey, soldier! Where are you going?
I'm following my eyes,
and they're looking straight ahead.
I walk and sing, and that music
is much nicer than the cannonade.
- You've been demobilized?
- That's right!
I've got a job for you.
- And who are you?
- A witch. Something wrong?
Is that your profession,
or you've got bad temper?
Profession. As for my disposition,
it's very nice.
Glad to meet you.
You're a brave soldier!
I'm not bragging,
but I'm a hero in a way.
Just the other day
here's what happened.
I was marching along,
when suddenly I saw a bandit.
I quickly rolled out my cannon,
pointed the barrel straight ahead,
and bang!
I blew him to smithereens.
Have you got any money?
I'm out of small change,
and never had any banknotes.
Then here's what you'll do.
You'll go down into this well.
There you'll find huge stacks
of gold coins.
Dive in, don't be afraid.
If you do exactly as I say,
you'll come up nice and dry.
You'll see there three terrible
dogs guarding the gold.
All you'll have to do is
to say the magic word "Phoo".
But if you make a mistake
and say the magic word "Fa",
they will tear you to pieces.
Grab as much gold as you can,
and we'll divide it between us.
Half for you
and half for me.
Beware of the ferocious dogs!
All ready! Haul me up!
Let's have the gold pulled up
first, then
Старая, старая сказка

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