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meSky Kim
Ji Tae Yu
Yong Woo Park Ji Won Ha
Min Joo Kim Chul Jin Shin

Directed by Jung Kwon Kim
( Returning Student )
-Is Sunmi hospitalized?
-Yes, just been there
Is she alright?
She broke her leg
She has to stay there for 2 weeks
Must have been some bicycle trick
How did you find out so soon?
Well... I was on the back seat
Is everything OK?
4 minutes 58 seconds!
Wait, wait a minute, a new record!
A Women's touch
beat the men's superiority!
Hey, just a moment
something's wrong...
A transistor is missing
How am I supposed to assemble
the damn thing?
Who gave me this?
Common, give it up. Accept it!
No excuses. Take it like a man!
You lose and game's over
Drinks on you
...this is all I have
Gotta run!
C'mon, wait!
Excuse me...
Oh! Donghee...Is that you?
Yes, I've returned
I see...
What's this?
Yeah, it's my hobby
You're a HAM? Surprising...
I like it
I see...OK then, see you later
By the way,
...thanks for the letters you sent
while I was in the Army
You've sent so many
Bye now
I just wanted to take a look
I'm sorry
-Do you smell alcohol on my breath?
-Yes, a little...
It's all because of
that piece of junk
I also had to pay for the drinks
It's old and broken
Can't even find the parts
Take it!
When it's besides you,
you'll have many drinking days
Thank you. Donghee!
Oh! Soeun
You're really into it
Is it yours?
-Is it yours?
-It's mine, alright?
-Yeah, sure...
-Yes, it's mine
-It's lots of fun
You alright?
Hey, take it easy!
Might hurt yourself waving
What's so great about him
talking to you?
So weird
Couldn't breathe and blood
gushing to my head
When he calls my name.
My name sounds so pretty
I'll get another bed here.
You're sicker than me
You have no idea...
When he looks at me,
he looks at my eyes
Left and right
One at a time.
He could look elsewhere but...
..always the same
Left eye and right eye
Then where do you look?
Me? Don't remember
I feel like my heart might burst...
and every muscle in my body twitches
Is this love?
I know how you feel
but I don't think that's love
You've felt it before?
It felt like my heart would burst...
...and every muscle
in my body twitched
You came to me when I fell and said
Sunmi, you alright?
You were looking at my eyes
one at a time
Then... Oh my God!
I must be in love with you
Sungsu Bridge is now open
to the public
President Park participated
in the opening ceremony...
...and discussed
the environmental effects
There'll be a lunar eclipse tonight.
Should we watch?
Sunmi's in the hospital?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ.
This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar
Anyone copy?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ.
This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar
Anyone copy?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ.
This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar
Anyone copy?
What did you say?
Oh, Sunmi! You scared me
No, I was just doing something
Where are you?
Right, in the hospital
What? You're crazy to come out
What's so great about the eclipse?
Tomorrow? OK, I'll stop by
-Are you busy today?
-Not really
You want to see a play?
A play?
I'm not really into plays
but a friend of mine directed it
He'd kill me if I didn't show up
So he just wants me to
show my face...
but I didn't want to go alone
-So if you like plays...
-Yes, I like them!
What is the title?
Well...it was too long to remember
Let's find out when we get there
-Anyway, 7 o'clock, OK?
OK, then...
Oh! Donghee!
I forgot. I have an engagement
Oh, yeah?
What can you do?
It's my fault anyway
Asking for a date
at the last minute doesn't work
I guess last minute things
only work with Rugby
-OK, I'm leaving then
What's with the long face?
What's wrong?
Nothing...Do your parents know


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